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Help need in the Bedroon

3 November, 2014
Hi All,

Recently separated, I'd like to re-vamp my life, starting with the bedroom.

As it currently is, the bedroom is painted in Pale Duck Egg Blue, with a white ceiling. The carpet is a pale Almond Brown colour, something similar to this : http://carpetshop.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/noble-saxony-colours1.jpg?w=1041

The bed is a hand-made one, with Gothic arches -

Apart from an older piece, all the bedroom furniture is 'functional' - a pale beech colour.

The bedroom measures 12ft by 12 ft, with a separate dressing area (8ft by 3ft 6inches) -

Basically, it is a blank canvas. I'd prefer to keep the carpet, as changing it, would represent a significant financial strain on my pockets. I'm perfectly content, to work on this 'piecemeal', but I need in my mind, the end result that I want to achieve. I realise that the possibility exists :), that my existing bed, bedding & furniture is highly undesirable - I really don't mind, if you laugh at my dreadful taste, but I'd appreciate it, if you can suggest something more suitable. I'm perfectly happy, to save up and get a new bed, bedding and furniture. I'd appreciate ideas on paint colour(s), bed & furniture style and bedding/duvet style.

A few caveats; I much prefer paint, rather than wallpaper and I like a white ceiling. I welcome your ideas, on what colour walls, style of bed & bedding; and bedroom furniture. I'm not really one for 'bold' colours - in the past, I've tended to prefer pale colours.

Like many (most ?) males, I've little idea of fashion 'do's' & 'don'ts'; should I have a metal bed/furniture ? or should it wood . . . and what style ? Bedding - are tiger stripe duvets still in fashion ? :).

When finished, I'd like the room to have a cohesive look to it, rather than a mix of styles; I want it to look 'uncluttered'.

Whilst the end result is going to be for me, I don't want a bedroom that shouts 'single male - with no idea' and with awful design skills {even if it is true} :). Something that causes any lady who may see it, to shake their head in despair.

The end result that I'm looking for, is a 'trendy'/'contemporary' bedroom that is (ahem !) welcoming and stylish.

If anyone can advise this hopeless male, I'd much appreciate it.

Thank you !

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  • Luciana
    Andy, hi!

    Quite a lot of things on your list; I'll try to address a few.

    Firstly, unless there's something wrong with it, I wouldn't change the bed. It looks quite cool, you could have a slightly Gothic theme going on based on it - either some vaulted mirror(s) or black/grey drawings... up to you, but I don't think you need a new one.
    Davis Residence · More Info

    Also, unless your carpet is worn or stained, etc. I'd keep it. The room is not that large, bed takes a lot of space, so you can't really see the carpet. It looks neutral enough to go with whatever you choose - I'd keep it!

    Secondly, wall colour. The trend at the moment is grey, which I think it's rather elegant and masculine enough, but not necessarily macho :)). There are hundreds of grey paints out there, to be honest, I'd have a hard time choosing one for you, but what I'd recommend is to use this Dulux app and 'play' with it yourself. Take a photo of your room (as large as possible, include ceiling) then upload it and spend some time finding the colour you'd like best.

    You may notice that most greys look great with a crisp, clean white - give your ceiling another coat of white and maybe refresh the skirting boards, doors, coving, so the contrast is clearly visible.
    Great Neighborhood Homes · More Info

    Wyeth · More Info

    Next, your chest of drawers. Again, nice pieces of furniture, obviously they don't go well together (different style and colour). I can't see any bedside tables... You could either buy something that coordinates or move the two chest of drawers apart - if they are on different walls, the differences will be less obvious. Or, just move one of them in a different room, or if you dare, paint them... My point is, as they are at the moment, they don't look good.

    Lost count but... bedding. There are two schools of thought about that. Some say - choose wall colour then the bedding, others recommend you find some bedding, quilt, blanket you like and pick a colour off it to paint the walls.
    Again, up to you. I had a quick look on line for bedding - I really like Jasper Conran style for a man - again, masculine but not oppressive. I think I like the first one the most ('Maddox); it's quite playful and the yellow bands rather unexpected - you don't need the yellow runner&pillow, but maybe get some daffodils or something in that hue to go with it. Or go with red to dazzle the ladies! :)) or some whimsical typography...
    Others I liked:


    Those lamps look great in an office or even on living room side tables - you can get something else for the bedroom. Go with some stylish base lamps, you can even get a couple of shades in different colours that you can change now and again. Maybe something yellow to go with the Maddox bedding :))



    Lastly, curtains. The ones you have don't look too bad and are neutral enough so you could keep them. However, for a more stylish look, I'd choose something that touches the floor. Or for a minimalist look, I'd go with either shutters or roman blinds.
    Clapham Family Home · More Info

    Oh, sorry - finally: art, posters, vases, sculptures, plants... I'm sure you can find things you like to give the room the right atmosphere.
    Hope all this makes sense... good luck!
    ukandy thanked Luciana
  • Jonathan
    Yes Andy- do everything Luciana has recommended.
    choose a grey that is either blue or brown so it is not cold. Although you say you like lighter colours don't think dark colours will make the room look smaller....will make it bigger.
    Since it is a modern house keep the window treatments plain, shutters, blinds and floor length curtains are all good. Personally I would choose plain and pale.
    I like white bedding as it goes with everything.
    For a scheme to work it also MUST HAVE pattern and texture. That is why people like bed throws, cushions and rugs.
    Luciana is right too- the bedside lights and the mid-century chest of drawers need to find new homes- the lights belong in a study and although I like the drawers they don't match and frankly, side by side, look too cramped.
    ukandy thanked Jonathan
  • ukandy
    Thank you so much, for taking the trouble to provide such detailed replies. I'm at a crossroads in my life and receiving your help at such a time, makes me feel much more positive about matters.

    I've actually made a few decisions . . . Hopefully, they'll meet with your approval. I'm thinking of Farrow and Ball paint - Joa's White for the walls and Pointing for the ceiling. I think that I'll move the 'gothic' bed to another room; it is a double and I think I'll have an upgrade to Kingsize . . . should I go for a metal bed or wooden ? I'm not a fan of beds which are very low to the floor, but I've no idea what might tick the boxes.

    I've taken on board your advice, about the bedroom furniture and I'm going to look for more modern lamps. I'm also thinking of investing in some blinds - would wooden ones be best ?

    Thank you, Luciana, for the detailed links and references that you've provided - I appreciate the time that you've spent - 'thank you'.

    As Jonathan has mentioned, I need to pay attention to pattern and texture; I don't want to find myself in a situation, where I put in a lot of time and effort into the decorating and then overlook the finishing touches - I mustn't 'skimp' on achieving the look that I want.

    Thank you, again, for taking the trouble to reply - much appreciated !
  • Luciana
    Andy, you are welcome!

    Things can be difficult at times in life, but you seem to have the right attitude. Staying positive, making (the right!) changes and just reinforcing your self-esteem can help enormously. New bed and bedroom, now that surely is the way forward!! :))

    I like Joa's white and love Pointing - seems like a really 'happy' colour.

    Andy, I suggest you should try a different approach. Have a look through bedroom photos here on Houzz or Pintrest or just google and save two or three that you really, truly like and would love to be able to replicate in your own space. Look what's their common theme; what are the elements that attracted you to those photos: wall colour, bedding, lighting, art... just discover in this way what style suits you best.

    Based on that, try and get a mental picture of 'your perfect room' - what would it look like; what it should contain... Do you need a divan bed, or one with a metal headboard; does you perfect room have curtains or a certain shade of bedding...? whatever it is, pay attention to these elements and start making a list of the things you need in order to achieve that 'perfect' mental picture because only then you should start to shop!

    I often 'shop' by looking at google images for whatever I want - I open the image link to see who sells it. In this way, it's easier to find what you want than going through 17 shops websites, etc. and you have more chances of getting what you want before loosing patience :) You don't need to spend lots of money either, almost everything designed by a designer has a replica somewhere or it can be DIYed. Don't forget to measure at least twice!! I often love something that would just not fit in my room or it will make it look crammed and small. Although, sometimes changing the configuration of a room or just placing e.g. the bed on a different wall can make the space look bigger.

    I apologise if this sounds like a lecture, it's just that I don't know any better way to convey what I'm trying to tell you (plus everyone who knows me says I talk (or write) too much!! - and just because I'm not doing it in my native language doesn't stop me at all!!)

    Again, good luck! And if you need more help with anything else, especially shopping, let me know! According to hubby, I'm able to find and buy things that have not yet been invented... I keep telling him: it's an art to it :)) Nite-nite!
    ukandy thanked Luciana
  • ukandy

    Many thanks for yet another great reply . . . I'd never have guessed, that English isn't your first language . . . do you write for a living ? . . . perhaps, you should !

    A difficulty that I'm finding, is the issue of changing my mindset. In the past, all the decision-making re. household furnishings etc., has been left to the lady in my life . . . . . . . yes, I know, very lazy of me. In this respect, I'm now having to think for myself and it's not easy, as I don't want to make any fundamental errors.

    I've got an idea in my mind of how I'd like the room to look, but I'm struggling to decide what bed would be best. The existing 'gothic' bed was something that I bought when I was previously single - about 20 years ago. I saw it in a magazine, liked it and then bought it. However, it is 'only' a standard double and since there is plenty of room for a king-size, I've decided to get a new bed.

    So, what bed could/should I buy ? As I've mentioned, just thinking about this, is taking me out of my comfort zone :) . What I would like, is a bed that looks (and is) very comfortable. One thing that I shall do, is buy a high-quality pocket-sprung mattress.

    In the past, I'd only have considered a metal or wooden bed; I'd never have considered a divan bed - I used to believe, that they were just for 'old' people. However, whenever I've been away on holiday, the most comfortable beds have always been divans. Perhaps a divan would be a good choice, with a high quality mattress, a nice bed throw and some nice pillows - a nice blend of textures and fabrics ? {I can hardly believe, that I've even written this :) }

    I'd like any opinions on any of these headboards :


    Do any of these look a fashionable choice ? Are there any particular styles that I should avoid ?

    Or should I buy a metal or wooden bed ? decisions, decisions :)

    Any opinions, gratefully received !
  • Luciana
    Hi Andy!

    You know, you don't need to flatter me but now that you've done it... hurray!! 12 years in this country and I've finally made it! (language wise). As for writing... I live with an English literature PhD... I triple check my shopping list with him around, let alone other type of writing. But thank you, you've made my ... evening! (been out all day).

    Right... I'm going to tell you a secret. Please keep it to yourself and only share it with those worth your trust :)) - there is no right or wrong when it comes to personal taste. You like what you like and, if you want to be yourself, go with what you like!

    I'm saying this because (again!) it doesn't matter what type of bed you choose. It has to be something that you like. Trends and fashions are capricious; they come in and out all the time and I find it exhausting trying to follow them - I guess that's why there's something called 'classic'.
    You can have (what I call) 'replaceable accessories' that are trendy and you can change them as often as you like, but the main things should be just something classic :))

    Back to your bed - please read my previous post again and just save 2 photos (no more!) of bedrooms that you really like. Just see what 'feels right' and go with that! Like you did with the gothic bed years ago...

    Another trick you can do: go on reputable shop sites (like M&S and John Lewis) and see what they sell and what you like from their stock. These type of shops tend to carry both classic and trendy designs, often mixing them; again, use your gut feeling and what feels right to you and go with it! I can show you what I like (normally low platform beds :)) from their current stuff:


    I know you probably wanted me to decide for you... umm.. no way, sorry! you've got to do it! You'll live with it, not me. However, I'll tell you this much - metal beds don't give a 'comfort-cuddly' type vibe, those with a headboard do. And the trouble with divans is not so much being old fashion, but giving the feeling of filling up a room - if you choose something with high legs, you can see more of the floor, so the room appears bigger (I hope that makes sense to you). I think most hotels choose divans as they are harder to damage and so people won't loose/forget stuff under the bed. Wood with headboard... I'd say it's a lucky winner! Or why not a 4 poster...?

    Anyway, great decision on a good mattress - it makes a world of difference!

    Those headboards you linked look nice, however, in your shoes, I'd buy the whole thing together from one source - often things don't match or they are slightly different in size, etc - it never looks as good as a 'ready made'.

    Again, sorry for the lecture. Hope this helps (don't forget to save your favourite bedroom photos!!). Nite-nite!
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  • PRO
    Have you thought about getting some art to put into your bedroom? We have lots of affordable art that not only will bring energy to your room but also you can take with you wherever you move to! We have lots of projects filled with art to inspire you or have a browse of our website www.newbloodart.com Have a great day
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  • ukandy
    Hi Luciana,

    Yes, I was hoping that you'd chose something for me ! :). But you haven't, so now I'm going to have to think for myself :). Aargh !!!

    I've decided that a divan might not be a good idea; although there is enough room for one, I think that the extra height might make the room look smaller.

    I do like the ercol John Lewis bed and also the John Lewis Chiltern bed.

    I've got my eye on a couple of others too - on which I'd like your opinion . . . . . . . no, I'm not asking you to choose, just provide an opinion.


  • ukandy
    Hi Ladies,

    I'd like your opinions on these beds; are they 'hot' or not ?








    As I see it, with most of the above, I can get them in a solid hardwood, rather than Pine - which I don't want.

    I've decided that I don't want a divan; neither do I want an ottoman bed. In fact, I think that I'd prefer a bed which does not have drawers underneath . . . I'd only hoard stuff underneath.

    Your thought would be greatly appreciated :)


  • Luciana
    Sorry Andy, I'd have to go soon, but just wanted to give you a quick feedback.

    Love the second bed and the Habitat one - the rest look too bulky/ traditional/ meh to me.

    Do me a huge favour and check out this shop: https://www.warrenevans.com/

    Their stuff is hand made, it's classic, superb, high quality and not that expensive. We bought a bed from them; I was so amused when it got delivered; the guys who came to assemble it were wearing white gloves, wouldn't even accept a cup of tea and were super efficient. Honestly, just chose something from these guys, you can't go wrong. The ones I selected below look like something you may like (I do too!):


    PS: our bed has storage, I don't know where I'd keep my bedding otherwise (photo was taken last year when the bedroom was not finished... I need to take new pics...)
    ukandy thanked Luciana
  • ukandy

    Many thanks for all the help given thus far ! Mind you, I feel I've been 'pushed' way beyond my comfort zone :).

    I've been looking at lots of beds; I think that I've narrowed it down to 4 choices, which I've listed in order of preference :

    This is probably my favourite :





    This one is rather 'different :


    I'd appreciate any opinions from anyone on the choices above. There is quite a difference in the prices of the beds, but I think that whatever I go for, would be money wisely invested - which makes a change for me :).

    I must say, I rather like the look of the 'floating' beds . . . . . . . mind you, in in the Northern shires, it is possible that we are not as 'up to speed', with regard to what is 'fashionable, as those living in London & the South of England :)
  • Luciana
    But I live in Cardiff... Love the first floating bed, also the Shetland padded headboard.

    The different one could look great in an ultra modern type room; unless you plan on completely revamping and transforming your room to match the bed, it will just look out of place.
    For example, if you look at this room in London :-p, you can see how the shelves, art, chair, etc are also very modern.
    Floating away... · More Info

    Or how they have floating night-stands in this pic:
    Singles apartments · More Info

    PS: if you think of this as an investment, then think it long term. What do you think you'd still like and feel comfortable with in 5-10 years time? Choose for the future too.

    PPS: I think Jonathan might take exception from being called a lady :))
    ukandy thanked Luciana
  • Marina
    If you want to buy a super quality, handmade, pocket sprung bed at a great price, take a look at http://www.factory-beds-direct.co.uk/. You mention that you have decided against a divan, so you could just buy a mattress from them. I bought my bed from them a year ago and it is fabulous, When I move and have more space, I´m planning to buy from them again.
    ukandy thanked Marina
  • ukandy
    Okay, I've almost made my decision, I'm going for either the Hasena floating bed, or the Shetland bed. Both offer a choice in terms of wood and the prices of each are quite similar. The Hasena excites and unnerves me at the same time - but only because in the past, I'd never have dared to consider such a 'bold' design . . . I've probably been too conventional and traditional in my thinking.

    I really like both the beds; in a sense, the Shetland bed is a 'safer' design ( a better long-term bet ?), but the Hasena certainly appeals to me . . . It'll be a tough choice, deciding between the two.

    Marina, I'm so pleased that you've taken the trouble to reply ! I've already decided to get a high-quality mattress from that company ! I was tempted by one of their divans, but I think that it might 'dominate' the room too much. Which mattress did you get ?

    Thank you for all the help I've been given . . . This is the most positive that I've felt in weeks - I feel that my life in turning round in a very positive way ! This weekend, I'm going to start on some more painting and decorating . . . can't wait !

  • ukandy
    Aaargh ! . . . dilemma !

    The 'floating' Hasena bed (my favourite choice) comes only in Double, 'Euro King' size or Super Kingsize; the Hasena doesn't seem to come in Kingsize (1.50m x 2m) - I'm amazed that they don't do that size !.

    Whilst I have enough room for Euro King size (1.6m x 2m), the company from whom I intend to buy the mattress ( http://www.factory-beds-direct.co.uk/) don't seem to cover that size (Euro King size).
  • ukandy
    I’ve just had a think about this. Bearing in mind, a standard UK king size mattress is 150x200... or really by converting exactly 5 feet into metric, it's 152.4, a standard King Size mattress would be 7.5 cm smaller than the frame, which means by placing it central to the slatted base, I would have +/- 3.5 cm gap at each side. Also, a mattress is never a square block, it has got its roundness, so allegedly, when considering you also place a mattress protector and the base sheet, the gap is most likely reduced further.

    So if I were to buy a ‘standard’ King Size mattress, I could use it – given the weight of the mattresses, I don’t think it is going to move around.

    A 5' mattress would allow me to tuck the duvet at foot-end as well as at the sides, or I could show off the frame. And of course, I’d find it easier to change the bed linen.

    Alternatively, the duvet normally overhangs at the sides of the bed, so the gap would be hidden from sight anyway. Technically, I can’t see anything stopping me from doing it.

    Also, due to the design of the bed, the mattress would be is partly inset into the frame, so the gap would only be seen (in terms of the slatted base), if looking at the bed from above, which I’d never do.

    Is this 'logical' thinking, or might I have missed something ?
  • Luciana
    Andy, I'm not sure that's a good idea. We have a mismatched frame/mattress in the guest room - it moves, even though is heavy and you can see it when laying in bed too (we rarely have guests over, so we don't care...!)
    I think you better call the mattress shop and tell them your problem, maybe they have a solution - they must have European sizes mattresses for sale. Or search for a fitting mattress - improvisations never look/ feel good.

    Hasena is a great bed - super choice! I'm sure you'll enjoy it :))
  • Marina
    Sorry, only just seen your reply. I´ll look it up tomorrow and let you know which one I bought. It is beautifully made and a dream to sleep on.
    ukandy thanked Marina
  • Marina
    I bought the Artisan Natural and will buy the same one again next time. I planned to just get a mattress but ended up buying a divan. Just added a nice headboard and it looks good.
    ukandy thanked Marina
  • ukandy
    Hi Marina,

    Thank you for the very helpful information. I'd be very interested to know, do you use any mattress topper with your mattress ? Or just as it is ? It seems that there is quite a choice available and it would be good to know from someone who actually has an Artisan mattress - which is what I'd hope to buy.

    I've found out, that I CAN get a mattress for the exact size of my bed, so it's all looking good !

    All the best,

  • Marina
    No, I haven´t found any need for a topper. It is really comfy as it is. It is very hot here in Spain in the summer, so I do use two quilted mattress protectors, but they just help with cleanliness, not comfort. It is very heavy though, and is obviously far better quality than anything you could buy on the high street. When we moved house even the removal man remarked on what a lovely bed it is.
    ukandy thanked Marina
  • PRO
    Ensign Accessories
    Just to add to the melee - from a purely practical point of view - the Hasena beds are going to be impossible to keep the bed tidy - the mattress has to be lifted each time you want to either change the sheets or tuck in the sheets - and you will find after a while that you do not make the bed - even more off-putting for the ladies!! The Shetland with its different headboard looks really good, but you will have to tie in the colours of the room with the headboard - not a problem. Hopefully you will have also changed the two mis-matched chests of drawers - either for one bigger one, or two matching, and changed the curtains for blinds.

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