Lovely bedroom, but don´t know what to do with it. Please help.

14 September, 2015

Just moved house and about to decorate. I´m planning to paint throughout the house a creamy white. I like grey but don´t like it in the Mediterranean light here. The room faces south.

Of the furniture, I would like to keep the chest with the mirror, the blanket box and bedside chests. The other chest can go. The wardrobe is built in. I´m hoping to find a dressing table.

I would quite like white or cream lined voiles on the window so the light filters in. We like to wake with the sun and are not overlooked.

The bed needs to stay where it is as the other end of the room was added later and I can´t fit the bed and bedside chests there. I´be been searching for some nice bedding to add colour, but can´t find anything I like, the same with artwork. Ideally I would need a duvet cover with matching bedpread so that when the duvet is off in summer, I still have some colour. That makes the search even more difficult.

I like blues, cobalt, teal, turquoise. Peacock type of colours. Not Duck egg as I have that in the second bedroom. Also need lamps, but not rugs as my dogs anly have to walk through a room to shed me a carpet.

Would love some suggetions please. Sorry about the quality of the photos.

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    It needs texture and pattern - badly!
  • Marina

    Lol. Realise that, but what and where and where do I find it? Only been in the house for two weeks but desperate to get it looking nice.

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    Akiva Projects Ltd

    Hello Marina,

    Before starting off your project I would suggest you think of your favourite style you would like this bedroom to feature. Do you like more contemporary style or rather traditional, perhaps a mix of more styles? To avoid doing any mistakes and spending money unnecessarily make a moodboard where you can put up your ideas, favourite colours, texture, etc. To find out more about how to create your very own moodboard please visit our Blog:

    StJames Design Interiors

  • Marina

    Thank you. I´ll take a look.

  • minnie101

    Hi Marina. Which country are you in if you're after shopping ideas? If the room is South facing, would you not consider a blue feature ŵall behind the bed? I know you also mentioned no rug but I think a rug positioned under the bed would really add some texture to the room. Maybe also a throw and cushions rather than a bedspread to avoid the matching issue? Do you also have a ceiling light? The ceiling is so high it would look amazing with a chandelier or pendant

  • Marina

    Thank you Minnie101. I´m in Spain, Costa del Sol, but an area not great for shops, so I tend to look online. Yes, I would consided a blue feature wall. The problem is that it is very difficult to gat matchpots here to try colours out. Most shops only do 1 ltr pots, but I think I have now found somewhere that does 1/4 of a litre. I just need to get a good idea of what shade I´m after first as unlike in the UK, they aren´t cheap. I´m aware that the existing peach colour that is on the lighter wall changes hugely throughout the day, so I know I need to be very careful. The throw and cushions is a good idea, thank you. I´m sure I can do something with that for summer. A rug would look lovely, but when I see the amount of dog hairs that collect along the bottom of the bed, I really wouldn´t be comfortable with it. The dogs rarely go into the bedroom, but with hard floors throughout, the hairs end up in there anyway. There are no ceiling lights anywhere in the house, just spotlights. A chandelier would have been wonderfully glamorous. Would a standard lamp look silly in a bedroom? I kind feel something with some height is needed in the end with the patio door.

  • minnie101

    That must be so difficult, no wonder you were going to paint it all in one colour, although I'm sure that would look great where you are. Have you come across this company? They're based in Gibraltar and deliver in your area apparently. This is rather bold but maybe have a look at farrow and ball at Giles blue as I think you might like it. A floor lamp would be great. I would just be careful with the style though as some may look odd ie ornate ones. You could also try a large plant/tree in a pot for some height by the door. Although if you have lights in the ceiling already it shouldn't cost too much to add a chandelier? Any damage should be able to be covered with just filler. It might be worth asking

  • mrsmcee74
    You could have an indoor/outdoor rug, these would be fine with dogs and they can be hosed down.
  • Marina

    Thank you very much. That blue looks lovely. I haven´t heard of that shop, but I´ll be taking a look at it. Thanks. Just got to find some bedding now.

  • minnie101

    It is very pretty. You just have to be careful as it will bring the walls in. In terms of bedding,I'm not sure of your taste but a couple of cushions or bedding on here may take your fancy. They do international delivery If you go for coloured ŵall/s I personally wouldn't have quite as much colour on the bed but it obviously depends on what you like or as they've done in the pic add a very large picture with some white!

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  • bagpuss2

    A big luxurious rug, a bed scarf or throw with cushions and some statement artwork over the bed are your first priorities. Don't be too hasty to lose the big chest of drawers- it can serve as a dressing table too

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  • Ludo Gallagher

    It's important to embrace the assets of the room. With that flooring you need to choose a style that would have that type of flooring. Same with your climate. There's no point having a Swiss chalet feel in a hot climate for example. Taking into consideration the assets I can see in the photo I would choose one of two styles if this were my room. Either minimal Mediterranean style similar to the rooms at this hotel.

    This would tie in with the drapes you were thinking of. Loaf do lovely bed linen that would suit this look:

    Alternatively I would go full on Cuban/New Orleans style. I would take inspiration from one of the bedspread at anthropologie:

    I would wallpaper a wall in a tropical print like:


    And put up a big mirror:

    I'd get a vintage style fan like this:

    Because you have a lot of height this would look fantastic. Real impact. A chandelier would go really well in this theme:

    You could add a chair like this for fun and wow factor:

    This would also fit well if you like music:

    With either of the above looks you could transform your bed with a mosquito net:

    Hope you find something you like.


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  • Marina

    Some lovely ideas, thank you all. I can´t believe I never thought to look in Debenhams. I´ve just seen a duvet cover I love, but sadly it is out of stock. I´ll keep looking in the hope they get more in.

    Sheridan Blue 'Finley' bed linen- at · More Info

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    Secret Linen Store

    Hi Marina... we are all about colour and pattern so might be able to help! A bit of bright bedding always perks a room up and brings a bit of personality. All our bedding is 100% cotton and hand designed by us, so it's super snug as well... I've included a little taste below but take a peek... hopefully you find something you love to make your new bedroom feel more you!

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  • Melanie Machin
    hi, following on from what Minnie said about a feature wall, have you considered eggshell type finishes? they would go very well with a Mediterranean style room and a rug under the bed would also be a great idea. As for bedding, could you buy fabric online and make your own? You could match whatever you wanted that way. Good luck with it all....I'd love to see the finished result. Happy decorating!
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  • irenecb

    HI MARINA, I love your bedroom- great high ceilings. Your furniture is also nice. I would follow the lead from the furniture keeping all furniture white. I love tropical coastal style. I would put up a white ceiling fan and ikea sell some white nets that let in loads of light and give privacy. I would decorate the walls in an off white with a hint of pink in it for warmth and to bring out the tones in your beautiful floor. I would collect local art for the walls. I would go to town on the bedding and cushions for the bed. I would mix your favourite colours- turquoise, teal, with green and coral. Making the room have a tropical coastal beach hotel vibe. I would feel like I was on holiday every day and never want to leave. Once you've surrounded yourself with personal things like photo frames of loved ones, plants/ flowers etc, you will feel right at home and settled. I've loved decorating for years, and tried lots of colours on walls but recently I've returned to off whites as they are so flexible and you can change the look with coloured accessories regular. "2 good books to read are Greg Natale - 'A tailored interior'- He's great, and tells you trade secrets to give your home the wow factor an be your own interior designer. Also anything by Barclay Butera - he's the best for coastal/beach styles. Wishing you lots of fun.

  • irenecb

    p.s. - Re lighting- I would put up a white ceiling fan light to help keep you cool as your in Spain. I also read that you like glamourous lights. You could get glamourous bedside lights for next to your bed. Also a glamourous floor lamp. That way you get the best of both worlds, keeping cool and glamour.

  • Marina

    The whole paint thing is a nightmare. I can order from the paint shop in Gibraltar, but I think getting samples delivered is going to work out pretty expensive. I´m not familiar with the Farrow and Ball paints and the colour palette doesn´t really appeal to me. I can see the colours being lovely in a British light, but not so much here, although I do like the Giles blue that was suggested. The Dulux colours in the Gib shop are very limited. I like the idea of eggshell finish but I really want to be sure that I´m going to like what I put on the wall. The whole house is being painted and it will be too expensive to then start changing it. The smallest sample that I managed to get yesterday was 1 lt and that was €15. I think getting the colours on the bedding needs to be the starting point. It may be that I need to go with the idea of buying fabric and making something as I just can´t find anything suitable. Having spent most of the day searchng online yesterday, I found three. One was discontinued, one won´t post to Spain and the other was in America and the sizing is all wrong. That one had coral in and looked lovely. I really love living in Spain, but really miss the English shops!

  • minnie101

    Hi Marina, it does sound as if the paint is a no go. Farrow and ball do lovely colours but yes a lot of them aren't suitable for Spain! That blue was lovely though! Maybe just go with the White paint and add the colour in the accessories. Have you looked On john Lewis as they deliver internationally and again cheap. Zara is also a place to look. I'm sure there are lots of other benefits with living in Spain!

  • Marina

    Sheridan Blue 'Finley' bed linen- at · More Info

    Yes, the wine is very cheap! I´m still hoping to go for that blue if possible. Can´t find what I´m after on John Lewis. I´m looking for blues and maybe a touch of yellow or coral. vibrant and fun, rather than sophisticated, I think. Not tried Zara. Forgot about them as we haven´t a Zara home in this area. I´ll have a look online.
    Contemporary Teal Blue Bed Set – Modern Floral Print Cotton Rich Duvet Cover | e · More Info

    Isabella Blue Duvet Cover Set - Yorkshire Linen Spain · More Info

  • Marina

    I´ve posted the sort of bedding I would like, though my OH hates the last one. Too floral, but these are the sort of colours I´m after. Not very fashionable at the moment, I guess. Thank you so much for all the suggestions. Very much appreciated.

  • minnie101

    I think there are more greys around atm! Turquoise and cobalt are lovely colours though but you can never find anything in cobalt! mrsmcee and I posted on another post a while ago for someone who lived in gib. Mrsmcee found a few places that delivered to Spain so I'll see if I can find the post!

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  • M. Layton

    I've just noticed that this post is from last year so maybe you don't need help any more but I'll put my two cents worth in anyway. My current passion is wall murals from Surface View, having just used one on my kitchen. I think that if you've got killer views and lots of light I'd go fresh and simple with your style. Can't tell what is opposite the bed. A bare wall? If I were you I would put a huge mirror wall behind the bed, and opposite the bed a huge seascape wall mural. The seascape mural would reflect in the mirror and the whole room would be at sea. Very calming. Probably unbleached linen bedding.

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