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Floor to ceiling windows - yay or nay?

Emmeline Westin
6 February, 2016
last modified: 23 August, 2017

They are building a lot around our office and most buildings have floor-to-ceiling windows. It seems this is the design of the future, but do you like it? Vote below and let us know your thoughts!

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Comments (53)

  • PRO
    Windsor fireplaces & interiors

    Not a good site can be seen.

  • PRO
    Wood Window Alliance

    Great for the exhibitionists among us. Seriously, though, as rooms get smaller, it's important to make the most of the view.

  • Frank
    Love them for the light they can bring in, but not entirely sure the bathroom is the best choice of location for their use. Once switchable transparency becomes affordable they might see more widespread use. After all, while we might well all aspire to a property in prime central London with uninterrupted views of the countryside and none of those privacy-invading nuisances commonly known as "lovely neighbours" around ;-) few of us have that, or are likely to get it. Wonder how many people got them and regret it after noticing how much more outsiders can see of them now!
  • PRO
    Sophie Nguyen Architects Ltd

    Yes to Floor to ceiling windows, the world is vertical! For those who want privacy, opt for full height roller blinds.

  • skyhacienda

    With a view like ours it would have been madness not to install floor to ceiling windows!

  • Laraine Clarke
    I used to live in rural France with spectacular open views. But one cannot spend all day staring at a view. I did enjoy having a large conservatory, where I could relax and enjoy my surroundings when I had the time. I'm actually a private person and would not want to make myself feel exposed and vulnerable, not even for the wow factor, which often means the ' envy' factor to my mind.
  • johunt
    Just moved into a new build with floor to ceiling windows in my bedroom, sitting room and kitchen. The house in on a hill so I marvel everyday at the views it affords me. Love them and can't wait to watch the seasons unfold
  • Caribbean Blinds

    Absolutely! We love the light, bright and airy feeling provided by glazing.

  • astartestar

    I was so pleased to see that Kevin McCloud does not like these enormous windows. It shows what an extraordinarily tactful person he is.

    I'm afraid I agree with him. I don't think they are aesthetic because they are so disproportionate as to throw everything else out of perspective. And then there is the carbon footprint and general environmental considerations.

    If you have a wonderful view why not have a window cut down to waist or shoulder height? You can see it all then. Or do your feet have eyes?

    Alternatively, instead of sitting in a chair like a gumby, why not get out there into the view, and enjoy it that way (and stop being such a couch-potato at the same time)?

  • drpepe101
    Voted yes, but Not bedrooms & not bathrooms.
  • lindalovie55

    would terrify me. would have to install some type of metal railings at least waist high.....lest I slipped ....and bye bye me....

  • alisonss

    Skyhacienda - where in the world are you? That looks like the most fabulous place I've ever seen! Are you a hotel?

  • skyhacienda

    We are near Sucre in Bolivia and, at the moment, we are operating as a small boutique hotel, with just two rooms.

  • alisonss

    Could you give your website address please? Thank you :)

  • PRO
    Spacium Architecture

    Definitely a Yes! Get as much light as possible into your rooms, especially those facing the garden to bring the outside in.

  • PRO
    P & P Maintenance Services

    Lovely design feature!! Especially if there is a good view outside.

  • Alison Heppell
    No not in bathrooms
  • broadleaves

    Nice in a hotel or office but a bit difficult to live with in a home. We have a large window that takes up the whole of our lounge. I feel exposed and its hard to find some window dressing that doesn't fight with the modern style of the window.

  • PRO
    Glass Design Solutions Ltd

    Lovely design feature if you want to see a fantastic view.

  • Jess G

    luzsch them but....defo not in a bathroom.....

  • lindalovie55

    love the windows but would need some type of rail across the middle or I'd be afraid to go too close All in the mind I suppose,but genuine fear of tripping

  • PRO

    I love large windows but don't feel comfortable if window reaches the floor level. I will say Yes to large window and add that it should have low window sill as a little boundary from inside and outside.

  • PRO
    Atelier ANTA-ARTY

    I love big windows and transparent walls)

  • PRO
    Ben Rousseau

    big windows = lots of natural light so yes big fan

  • PRO
    Wood Window Alliance

    Big windows are great if you've got good views. But big windows mean small walls. Some of us need bookcases and pictures....

  • PRO
    Yorkshire Fabric Shop

    great design feature, especially if you have a great view to look at!

  • PRO
    Oasys Property Solutions

    They are a far cheaper alternative to doors and we have specified on many projects. An alternative is down to a height suitable for seating. This is useful where there is potential for splash back of dirt onto the glazing.

    16FP Kitchen extension · More Info

    39UCR Extension and remodelling · More Info

    41BR Kitchen extension · More Info

    55MR Extensions, remodelling and refurbishment of 1930s property · More Info

    Kitchen Extension, Bathroom Refit & Internal Remodelling · More Info

    87RR Kitchen extension · More Info

  • PRO

    floor to ceiling windows create extra light and give Romala Design an excuse to carry out masonry and beam designs!

  • PRO
    Sonder Creative

    Gives allot of natural light.

  • PRO
    Larissa Johnston Architects

    Yes, they are a great idea!

  • PRO
    OJQ Architecture

    vertical emphasis always works well with modern architecture

  • PRO

    its great

  • PRO
    GreenlinesDesign Ltd

    Absolutely yes, even the tiniest garden to look at will extend the feeling of the interior and with clever lighting will creat a stunning back drop during the darker and colder winter months. Here are a few examples of work I designed and built for two clients in London, U.K

    Romantic Patio Garden in Clapham, London · More Info

    Small Camberwell Garden 'Pretty in White' · More Info

    Small Camberwell Garden 'Pretty in White' · More Info

    Small Camberwell Garden 'Pretty in White' · More Info

    Romantic Patio Garden in Clapham, London · More Info

  • PRO
    Croydon Window Company Ltd

    Yes definitely will look great!

  • PRO
    FBD Solutions Ltd

    A Big yay from me! lets loads of light in and makes the room look huge! Brings the outside world inside the house.

  • tom gotelee

    yay - more light, contemporary design

  • Anita
    Yes! Because this is our view.....
  • PRO
  • PRO
    ARKK Studio

    definitely yess..open to every kind of windows

  • PRO
    Ergonomic Office Solutions

    So much light and feeling of space and with a designed home office the outlook over the garden, view could be inspiring

  • PRO
    Liberty Garden Buildings
    Home Offices · More Info

    What a fabulous light and airy space to work, windows from ceiling to floor definitely add to this contemporary home office.

  • PRO
    Prospect Design

    Great way to add more light and a feeling of space

  • PRO
    Black Oak Builders Ltd.

    Floor to ceiling windows are a great feature. They drive loads of light inside and make the space feel more open and airy. They don't work everywhere, but wherever possible, we highly recommend having them!

  • Lauren

    Funny how so many of these comments feature modern glazing. I'd have a georgian or victorian floor to ceiling number over a modern one any day. Not to mention the ceilings were an awful lot higher back then!

  • PRO
  • PRO
    London Throw Company

    love floor to ceiling windows with working shutters

  • maddiemo
    Depends on the view and privacy! If you have both, then they're fabulous. If not, you'd just end up having to put up huge blinds/curtains, so it would defeat the object.
  • kerfan
    in the living areas, yes. bedrooms, bathroons? noooo! even in the living areas, id need curtains to provide some privacy, or one way glass, or a high fence, or no neighbours for miles and miles and for the world to forget that telescopes and binoculars were ever invented... in short, i want to watch, not to be watched.
  • PRO
    ACT Specialist Interiors Ltd

    Most defiantly yes!

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