What's the most important thing a garden should have?

Emmeline Westin
21 May, 2016

Is it space, certain structures, products or features that you value in your outdoor space? Or is a soft and green lawn the most important thing?

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  • tamp75
    A decent secluded space (no neighbours overlooking) with plenty of greenery in one form or another. Must admit, I do love my lawn, having had only hard surfaces outdoors for 13 years in our previous home.
  • Jonathan
    Privacy and the sound of birds
  • PRO
    Peter Reader Landscapes

    Ah - that is the $64 million question! My answer is your garden must know what its purpuse is for you. That then decides what is the most important thing the garden should have!

    Leading from that, think about the function and flow of the space and the atmosphere you want to create. Those are probably the next most important things to think about. It is easy to think about objects - like "I want a BBQ" but think carefully about how they work with the garden space, the atmosphere, the balance of the space and how the garden will function to deliver what you want.

  • credz4

    Privacy, natural sounds. No dogs barking and no garden machinery or other 'workshop at the bottom of the garden' machinery sounds.

  • Jennie Thorpe

    A pond! it brings tranquility and nature to a garden...

  • TwoHearts
    Being at one with Nature is the most beautiful thing to achieve in life. Birdsong & the beauty of flowers. God thought of everything.
  • robertofsherwoodengland

    Daffodills, Bluebells, Primroses, Pansys. White roses, Weathered rocks and Heather.

  • alyper

    Totally agree with Peter Reader. Gardens are very personal and a good designer's plan should reflect the individual's style. For instance in the garden in the photo, I do not like the white raised beds (would have preferred brick or local stone - white too Mediterranean for me) - but the owners probably thrilled! Do love the space created though.

  • Lila 1410

    A good wall or fence.

  • jholmden
    I love gardens that are wildlife friendly, lots of flowers that attract bees, ponds for newts, frogs, toads and dragonflies, and of course feeders for the birds. No weed killers or slug pellets! Wild flower meadows which are soft on the eye and need minimal upkeep.
  • jenniwatson

    Trees !

  • angelboyman

    Personally the most important thing has to be grass - it's not a garden without a patch of the stuff somewhere..... and not that fake stuff either!

  • Caroline Miles
    Plenty of interesting plants and trees if you have the space, a lawn is a must, either a traditional lawn or a wildlife meadow type lawn. Space is usually limited in urban areas so consideration is given to its uses, be it for family, couple, retired folk, animals, the list is endless. Ponds are beautiful and take some upkeep but they can be a home for all sorts of creatures including those cheeky foxes, some good seating is also essential. Well tended fences with some rambling roses, clematis, jasmine or whatever takes the fancy!

    My dream would be to have a tree house at the bottom of the garden, a place to escape and be a child again with lots of sweets, a great book and a blanket, bliss!! Oh, and no mobiles!
  • Neil Ryder

    A place to remember our baby boy

  • mohdhussainshah
    I love those which have variety in terms if colors plants and pathways
  • PRO
    Roeder Landscape Design Ltd
    Every garden needs year round structure, in whatever form that takes - trees, pergolas
  • Majid Ali
    Lots of mature trees, flowers, privacy, seclusion, birdsong, squirrels, ancient dry stone walls, an old swing by the old shed, and most of all happy smiling children
  • soozmacrae

    Grass, saying that lots of green, trees ........

  • Harriet
    somewhere to lie down. my fitness instructor said someone she knows set homework for her class which was to lie down to watch the clouds for 5 minutes every day. I can't imagine remembering to do it but to know I could if I wanted to is somehow enough!
  • gracie!h
    Definitely privacy ! ~ then what ever the individual wants ~ I strive to keep my lawn green with plenty of colour and texture in the flower beds thru the seasons ~ probably more so in the summer but in saying that my garden looks beautiful too autumm (colours changing) and in the winter with a frost and then Spring it just starts again ~ hard but satisfying work x
  • PRO
    C J Gardens Ltd
    Privacy! I build a lot of court yard gardens and the main thing i focus on is privacy.
    Whether it's a private seating area or completely screening neighbouring houses/gardens. I feel you need a space where you can completely shut your self off from the world.
  • PRO

    Our range of bird tables · More Info

    A beautiful birdtable!

    Our weather here in the UK means we look out of our windows AT the garden more often than we physically use it.

    Birdsong, the feeding of birds and their presence, coming and going from the bird table simply bring joy.

  • k11agl
    A greenhouse
  • moiraford
    Fairies at the bottom.
  • Tracy Hopkins
    A summerhouse, trees, birdsong and privacy.
  • windwizard

    Trees, plants, vegetables and wildlife.

    Luckily I have an enormous garden, which includes a hedgehog, lots of slow-worms, frogs and toads, and under the eaves of the house roof live scores of house sparrows, while the old field hedge to the south provides hospitality for many bumblebees, blackbirds etc - even a wren. Under the lawns hide lovely, silky miner-bees... There are two compost heaps and I spend a lot of time bringing home cuttings and then nursing them into life.

    Of course the garden is masses of work each year and I am 69, but this is as close to living on planet earth as you can get in today's crazy world. There is no silly internet-of-things in my garden; and apart from sunlight, moonlight and the odd flash of lightning, it only sees the occasional use of a torch or led headlight.

    I guess some of the worst things that can spoil your garden is a nearby stinking barbecue or neighbours who burn stuff in black polythene bags; (or hire a sound system for their birthday) or the unsustainable racket of a MOD fighter jet or helicopter beating the air!

    Along with someone to love and care for, a garden is one of the most precious things you can have and enjoy!

  • June Bingham

    I totally agree.

  • Josephine Geeson

    I agree with all comments

  • championcat
    for me it's entertaining space, lots of greenery/interesting planting and a sun trap coffee spit near the back door. for the kids it's grass for a paddling pool and space for cartwheeling. a tricky balance to strike in a tiered 35ft inner London postage stamp garden!
  • denise7125
    I thought that garden heaven for me (for a tiny garden I might add) would include bio fold doors onto decking and raised beds and a round stone paved area etc...after persuading my husband and getting him to accept it would cost a fortune we went outside to decide on specifics. It was a lovely day, birds were singing away, no kids shouting and screaming and we caught a glimpse of a hedgehog under the table heading for the bushes. The decision was made...no changes to be made, it's fine the way it is! So next week we will fill all the pots with geraniums and the balcony planters will be filled like hanging baskets and our little garden will give us a summer of pleasure even if it isn't a scorcher!
  • Vanadis Ward
    Privacy and sunshine!
  • PRO
    Landscape Design by James Brunton-Smith Limited
    There are myriad things that a garden should have to make it stand out, but above all its the people in it that really make the space and designing a garden that makes people want to use it - and as a side note you cannot deny lighting can make or break a garden.
  • PRO
    The Worm that Turned
    Plants, plants, plants. Otherwise it isn't a garden. If the question was 'what's essential in an outdoor space?', then that's a totally different question and depends on the the location and the owners needs and budget.
  • Candace M

    A Gardner.

  • wright_aw

    Peace and quiet. I like height at the sides, I love trees and I always wanted a walled garden, sadly I don't have this yet!

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