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19 March, 2018

We want to extend our 1930s 3 bed semi detached house. We would like to create a kitchen/diner/ family space, utility room and downstairs shower room and a new bedroom upstairs. This would mean a side and rear extenson, (part single, part two story), and complete interior refurb. What should we expect from an architect - just providing the structural drawings or would they recommend how the interior would be finished, (suitable flooring options, window types etc)?

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  • Daisy England

    I guess it depends how far you want them to go. My son had something similar which gave him a larger lounge, a small study, a downstairs shower room, a 4th bedroom and the 3rd bedroom was made much bigger.

    The architect did the basic plans. That was it. He knew what he wanted regarding flooring, windows and decoration inside. The new windows he had were the same as the other window frames so they all blended in. The front door and frame was completely replaced.

    I'd do your homework on interior decorating and design. If the architect proposes what he likes you may not like it.

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  • minipie

    Our architect is definitely interested in the finishes as well as the structural space. I doubt he will go quite as far as an interior designer would (provide samples, make mood boards and source furniture etc) but he's definitely got views on window and flooring styles and is going to be involved in designing cabinetry and lighting arrangements. But as stated above I expect it depends on what architect you choose (some are more interested in interiors than others) and how much you want them to do.

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  • E D

    ...and to pay...

    But seriously, this is an interesting subject.

    We have been fantasising for a long time about extending and adapting our property and may well in the near future realise some of those dreams.

    We would certainly need an architect's advice for their feasibility and for drawing the plans.

    I don't think we'd initially ask the architect to get involved with the finishing of the interior, but if they would offer suggestions, we would certainly listen.

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  • PRO
    Ikonografik Design Ltd.

    A good architect can do as much or as little as you like, it's your choice. The more time / work required means more fees payable. You need to be clear though and let them know what you want them to do and not to do. A good architect shouldn't show you what they want but what you want, good design starts with listening. I've done all the interiors for a doctors surgery including samples and colours + electrics and lighting schemes etc so it depends. Some more info here that might help, hope you get it sorted: https://www.ikonografik.co.uk/architectural-designer-sheffield-chesterfield

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  • Gerty Werty
    Our architect just did the basic plans and we had a structural engineer to do the plans for the structural part. The architect did not mention any of the internal finishing touches so therefore has not specified any. I personally would rather decide on finishes once the project is finished as a lot changes throughout the project and lots of things affect what was originally in your mind.
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  • PRO
    I’ve been lucky enough to work with some lovely Architects who are very switched on, full of enthusiasm and full of passion for their work. They are a pleasure to work with on a clients project.

    I’ve also had brief dealings with those that will do the bare minimum and couldn’t really care less about the job, as long as they get paid. They don’t usually respond well to any questions or interaction by client or us.

    I guess that can be said about lots of professions - so meet many, consider the ones who seem to have a bit of spark and enthusiasm about them for long projects . But if you just want something simple and quick then someone who does simple and quick all the time ( but who enjoys it !) might be a better option.

    ( but if it’s more general space planning or concept design you are after - there are people like us about to help with that !)

    Good luck with your project !
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  • PRO

    If using a service like Resi, you’ll first talk to our team so we can get an understanding of what you’re looking for and whether or not you’ll need a measured survey carried out - if you do, we’ll arrange this on your behalf. Then you’ll receive a quote on our services and be asked to pay your deposit. Once paid, you’ll be introduced to your personal architect and be given access to your Resi Dashboard, an online platform that lets you upload measurements, documents, and images you want to inspire your build. Your architect will use your dashboard as inspiration during the design process.

    During this process, your architect will advise you on budget and manage your planning and approval. Either by keeping you within your permitted development rights or working to get planning permission. They’ll also put you in touch with any necessary professionals, such as CCTV surveyors or structural engineers. You mention structural designs above, these aren’t provided by architects but by a structural engineer.

    By the end of your time with Resi, you’ll have not only a completed set of drawings but should also have all planning approved and an understanding of all the upcoming steps for a completed build. We’ll could even provide builder recommendations.

    In terms of interior - what floors to go for, window types - your architect could offer some thoughts but we would recommend getting this advice elsewhere. These are personal decisions and everyone’s taste is different. Where an architect really shines, is helping you get the most out of your space for your budget, meaning not a penny is wasted.

    To understand the full ins and outs of how the extension and renovation process works, check out our interactive guide: https://resi.co.uk/interactive_process

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