Garage Storage – Prefabricated or Building Your Own?

Douglas Brooks
2 years ago
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A garage storage is always an ideal place to store our things/tools inside our garage in a more organized and safer storage. Though generally we keep our tools, equipment, and carpentry materials everything in our garages, we can have the convenience of organizing everything with garage storage's. Today, what we usually see on some people’s garages are garage storage's of some sort. There are the garage shelves, lofts, free standing and cabinet type storage's. If you still have enough space in your garage and you want to arrange your things within it, a garage storage can be the most convenient structure to build. You have the option to hire storage units near you or build your own or buy the prefabricated type.

If you have carpentry skills, building your own garage storage can be less costly and you can also have the freedom in adjusting the size of the structure depending on the available space. You can also easily find all the things that you need from home improvement stores, lumber yards and hardware stores. Actually, you don’t need many materials in creating a simple garage storage. Pieces of plywood for the doors, roofs and walls, metal bars for mounting and support, wood or metal handles, nails and carpentry tools and you got yourself a basic garage storage to keep your tools in.

How can I start making my own garage?

In making your own garage storage you have to plan everything in place. You start off with measuring the open space in your garage where you want your storage to be and you have to draw a plan and know the measurement of the wood materials you need. If you want to have an instant plan you can also find free storage plan on the web. There are also websites that teach people on how to make their own storage garage thru videos and the teachers are professional builders who know every bit about building structures.

If you don’t have the time to create your own garage storage, you can prefer the prefabricated ones. Usually, these prefabricated storage's come in complete sets and these can compose of woods and metals for support and all you got to do is just follow the construction guide and you got your own garage storage right where you want it. There is only one thing to keep in mind before buying the prefab type and this is knowing the exact vacant space where you want to build your storage. You can choose the prefab wooden set or the plastic type storage because these are the common sets of prefab you can buy today.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wooden garage storage?

Wooden garage storage's are easier to install especially with the prefab types because all the things that you need are there except the tools that you must use. These are very versatile and they can look nice to any type of garage type. You can paint them with any color and wood shelves can carry even heavy objects without warping. However, if your home is located near mountains or forested areas, you must treat your wood with wood preservatives before installing them because most likely wood boring insects may like it and live in it.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about scratch and dents with wooden garage storage. You can also fix them easily and you can easily add up more rooms or extension on it. Wood is also cheaper than any other materials but it can stain easily because it absorbs oil, gasoline, grease and other liquids quickly.

If buying the prefab plastic garage storage, what would be the cons and pros?

Plastic prefab garage storage's are also easy to assemble and install. These are lightweight and do not absorb grease, oil or gasoline and easy to clean. You can easily add extra lengths if you have the proper cutting and drilling tools too. Choosing the color is an advantage if you want your garage storage to match the wall of your garage. On the other hand, you must be careful when installing the prefab type because plastic can easily chip out. If you put in heavy objects for a very long time on the shelf, the plastic can bend so you must support the shelves with metal bolts to make them more solidly constructed.

Just like buying other prefab structures, there are also buying guides when purchasing garage storage and some of these are the following:

1. For the shelves, you can consider buying the ones that can be installed along on vertical plane so that you can keep in items in standing arrangement. This way, you can save significant floor space and can increase your garage’s storage capacity.

2. For the utility cabinets, you can choose either the metal, resin or the wood composite materials. You can choose lockable doors to keep away children too.

3. Consider including peg hooks because your garage storage can have features of adjustability and versatility in it. You can move the hooks anywhere you want it if you need to hang tools of different sizes.

4. Include also large metal hooks and hangers and install them over your garage storage. You can hang in it your bicycle, garden hoses, shovels and other large things.

Garage storage's are very useful because it can add more versatility and usefulness on the existing garages. You can store and keep your tools safe in it, organize them for easy find and you can maximize the space of your garage with it. If you will be making your own garage storage, make sure you got everything planned, measured and anticipated. You must also have a good estimate on the total cost of construction plus you must devote much time in constructing it though you always have the option in buying prefabricated garage storage.

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