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Kim Oldfield
20 August, 2018
I need some advice please, I want to paint my ugly fence, it needs to compliment the red brick and the light grey stone patio. I'm wondering weather to stick with dark grey or to try lighter colours, it's a tall fence (up to 10' in places) so it's pretty imposing in my compact garden.

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  • Patrina
    I like the colour of the back fence I think it will compliment your Garden.
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  • celerygirl

    I would not go with contrast, I would paint the same color as brick.

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  • celerygirl

    Here is my mock up, so you can see how it might look.

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  • Kim Oldfield
    Thank you so much celerygirl - what a brilliant idea - definitely suits the grey when you show it like this. Thank you
  • A S
    I find that the dark grey (as per celerygirls illustration) compliments the garden nicely and coordinates well with the darker brick work as well as they grey patio/seating.
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  • forzaitalia

    Grey all the way. A nice dark grey rather than light. My brother painted his garden fence pale grey and it sticks out like a sore thumb. Dark colours recede and dark grey will be a lovely backdrop to the plants. Black is nice too.

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  • Kim Oldfield
    thank you. I'm going for the dark grey
  • Rose Williams

    It would be easier to keep it dark since it is dark to begin with

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  • PRO

    Go with a natural look it brighten up the fence.

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  • E D

    Kim, about your bamboo, can I ask you if you cut/pruned the lower parts to create the bare stems at the bottom or do they just grow like that?

    I like the effect. Ours are very bushy, top to bottom.

  • Kim Oldfield
    it's pretty much grown like it, but I have removed some of the lower leaves. it's been in the same pot for about 18 years, want to repot it, but understand it's best done in spring. I've also recently been giving it tomato feed occasionally, that has really helped it bush out at the top and new stems grow.
  • PRO
    Lomuarredi Ltd

    I would choose white colour. It would give more light and a touch of modern style...

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  • E D

    Ah yes, good old tomato feed! Will feed them later today. :)

  • E D

    I agree with Lomuarredi, white could be good, but I wouldn't go for a brilliant white. This could look a little cheap.

    We've painted (or rather, stained) ours in Ronseal's Woodland colours White Ash. It's a white with a hint of grey. Although a little bit watery, it's really easy to apply.

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  • Emily
    I think if you try to paint that particular fence a light colour it will show all the imperfections in not a good way. If it were mine I’d be going very dark and also breaking it up with some taller plants.
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  • julijor

    I have just painted my fencing dark grey and it is fab, everyone that sees it, thinks it’s great, they are going to paint theirs!! All the plants show up brilliantly. Definitely go for it!

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  • heatherbroadbent
    Julijor do you have a photo of the colour please I am thinking of going grey too!
  • PRO
    alNatural - Landscape Solutions

    Dear Kim. I think the dark grey suits your garden. However, you might need to brigthen up your space with something else, the fences are very tall and cover nearly 50% of the height in your garden, I'd like to suggest planting some climbers, there are plenty of choices, for sun or shade, you can grow them in pots too. Please check this article, it might be of your interest:

    Make a feature of your fences with climbers.

    Kim Oldfield thanked alNatural - Landscape Solutions
  • Kim Oldfield

    Thank you, great advice. This is why I was worried about fence colour and didn't want it over bearing. I'm hoping to get lots of tall plants in pots, and hopefully a relatively slim, but big tree in a pot. It's only a small garden, but would like a bit of a jungle feel on my patio to compensate.

  • PRO
    Little Mill House Upcycled Interiors

    I'd go with the dark grey or even a black to tone in with the decorative bricks.

  • nobleseneb

    Dear Kim,

    We had similar problems when we moved here; a (neighbour's) ugly fence facing one of our bedroom windows, and two ugly low walls, topped with kitsch wrought-iron work. As we couldn't paint the fence, we screened it with black bamboo (phyllostachys nigra), grown in slender planters - we now observe lovely plants, and don't have to worry about painting - and repainting - a fence.

    We dealt with the walls in two ways: for one of them, we screened it with a European beech hedge (fagus sylvatica), and for the other, we grew star jasmine (tracholespermum jasminoides) on trellis.

    All three plants have proved hardy and quick growing; perhaps you'll find a use for them.

    Best of luck, and enjoy your garden



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  • Kim Oldfield

    Thanks for the tips and plant names Seneb.

  • margaretmc01

    I used Ronseal medium oak and it’s really nice. I thought about grey but decided that during winter when the skies are grey are weather is horrible and days are dark that it would be a bit depressing.

  • soozmacrae

    Personally I wouldn't go for the paint that's sold in those huge tubs. Its so thin, although cheaper especially at this time of year. If your budget allows, go for cuprinol or ronseal in the tins. (garden shades). It gives much better depth of colour. Seeing as your fence is already dark it should be easy to go dark grey.

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  • mattweeksdj
    We have just switched from a horrible dark brown to a dark grey and very happy with the result. I would recommend for something different.
  • PRO
    Earth Designs Garden and Build London and Essex

    I'm a big fan of dark fences - we use them a lot in our garden designs as they make the plants pop out and the garden seem bigger. Maybe soft up as much as possible with climbers and planting beds in front if you can. Pop by our blog for some other fence ideas Funk up your Fence

  • fionaoneill

    Went for a willow green Cuprinol Shades, on my new fence and shed Summer last year and it's looking fresh still. All the plants especially reds and copper tones are picked out by it and it is nice to look at in the Winter too. But I am a fan of colour, dark grey looks good too, but I don't think I would like another layer of grey in Winter. Unless you have some contrasting winter foliage against it , maybe ?

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  • PRO
    Garden Design Guru

    It looks like a sound fence but not a very smart one. I would paint it a mid grey and then fix fretwork panels in front of it, supported by fixing to the wall as well.

  • PRO
    The Classic Barn Company

    A darker colour is better because it creates a contrast against the lighter red brick, you can see that with the excellent examples Cerlerygirl supplied. However, before you invest cost and energy you should consider relacing the fence because that timber is well on its way, the risk points are at ground level where the posts come inot contact with water, you could probably push a screw driver straight throuhg the wood. I suggest this because you wouldnt want to paint it only to find the next strong wind takes it all out - all the best

  • deirdrekelly83

    Hi there, can anyone identify the trees in Forzaitalia picture ( the middle one of the three) I am looking for a straight stemmed tree with a lolipop head and these look perfect. Anyone any ideas what they are? thanks D

  • Carolina

    @deirdrekelly83, looks like a Catalpa, or Indian bean trea

    Another good option might be a Photinia, which is evergreen, new leaves are red.

  • deirdrekelly83

    Thank you Carolina, that is really helpful. I will be heading to Paramount to take a look. The Photinia looks great as well. D

  • belindakor

    I would go for the dark grey. Painted mine 'forest green' which was okay whilst plants were maturing and from a distance looked like a hedge. Will change to grey/black in the autumn.

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