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Christmas tree time!!

8 December, 2018
I thought it would be fun to share trees. My offering is a fake slim tree with some dusty 1990s decorations with two naughty setters pretending to be haughty super models. I intended to do a real tree in the hall but not sure I can be bothered I’m ashamed to say!
However I might be tempted and if I do I think it will be bare and solely decorated with lights. Ho Ho Ho everyone :)

Comments (64)

  • PRO

    Danielle the fake fur rug looks really good under the tree.

    Luciana your tree is lovely as it is, very elegant

  • girlinshape
    Might have gone a bit overboard as usual. ❤️
  • Victoria

    I have two, both fake, a slim 12 foot one in the hall and a smaller one.

  • Emily
    I don’t know why but this year I’m liking sparse Christmas trees. Might be tempted as a second tree and just decorate with lights. It’s strange since I also disagree with myself and think trees should be laden with Christmas bounty, so either I’m losing my mind or becoming Scrooge-ified!!
  • Emily
    Also loving everyone’s trees! Ho Ho Ho :)
  • sharon fender
    Loving everyone’s trees, here is mine , don’t normally do tinsel but saw this copper tinsel in garden centre and loved it
    Every year I try to buy a shoe ornament for my daughter to add , she’s 18 now and still wants to add a shoe to tree becoming hard work finding them xx
  • Anally 223

    Here mine in gold for good luck!

  • vicki lee
    Loving these trees everyone
    Had this fake tree few years now, decided to ditch the glitz & glamour decs for a more rustic feel for past two years.
  • PRO

    We bought this Christmas tree but strugling finding handyman willing to help with assembling.


  • Gabby

    Our tree's a fake as well, that is much bigger than really intended, after moving house the first weekend of December, and there being limited stock to choose from... obviously we keep going bigger in our choices rather than making compromises on other aspects

    We add decorations to it from our holidays, buying something new (or a couple of things) whenever we go away. Love reminiscing on our holidays when we put our decorations up each year :-)

  • mouseshouse
    Scandi simplicity
  • Angie
    Great thread. We've bought 2 real trees but they're not up yet. One goes outside the dining room in the side return. The other will be in the sitting room bay window. Will post pics in due course.
  • sam irwin
    I love a real tree but I’ve such a small space that my narrow fake tree fits the space perfectly. When kids were younger they use to decorate with a variety of coloured decorations and coloured lights but now I’ve teenagers so I do it myself in whites and softer colours. Happy Christmas everyone
  • PRO
    bubbles bathrooms and tiles

    I love all or your trees! I have two, one is comic booked themed (my influence) and the other we bought this year for our dinning room. I've always wanted a snowy tree with white decorations and i think it turned out really well.

  • mcpeeple
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><md>Here's mine. I have an inquisitive 2 year old, so all decorations/chocolates have to be on the upper branches, out of reach
  • mcpeeple


  • rachelmidlands
    Loving everyone’s trees:) We have two. Slim fake one in the living room this year and a potted tree which usually lives in the garden. Supposed to be fragrant but I call it the sticky sap variety and you need gloves when putting decorations on. Haven’t decorated this one yet as having a rid out but here’s the fake one. I let my little boy decorate it:)
  • pdando
    I have a flat backed fake wall tree. So easy to put up and fits in a smaller space... Love it.
  • Sam N

    Having come to the end of a stressful renovation this year (in my experience there isn't any other kind of renovation :-/ ....mostly due to me vowing never to live in during the works, and always ending up doing just that....the cost of renting alternative accommodation whilst also trying to keep up with renovation costs prevents moving out during the build from ever becoming a reality). So....to reward ourselves for surviving it and not killing/divorcing each other :-) we decided to go to town and have two trees, we both love all things Christmas! One in the lounge and one in the openplan/kitchen area, after all, this is where we will be eating Christmas dinner and we wanted to be able to enjoy the tree in that room. Here are the pics, excuse the disney stocking and very naff Santa, I have had them both years and love them unconditionally lol...Christmas should be a lot OTT and a little bit kitsch IMHO... ;-)

  • Emily
    Ho Ho Ho !
  • Emily
    Forgot this one. From Christmas past :D
    I’m sure these trees will feel familiar to some of us. And mum used to hang foil type chandelier decorations for a few years.
  • rachelmidlands
    And here is my living potted tree. Got tired of disposing dead cut trees a few years ago so changed to pot grown trees instead. This is the second one in 7 years, the other still lives in the garden (different variety) although I dare not plant it in the ground as it will grow monstrous. I’ve tried to decorate it with a natural look but part of me can’t resist twinkly things. The sprouts are a new addition this year and the ballerina teddy I’ve had since a child and always goes at the top. (Please ignore my horrendous decor. This is the breakfast room, more of a through room really, and I shall be decorating very soon....I’m thinking green:))
  • AMB
    Love the sprout bauble!
  • lulububs
    Can’t beat a real tree in my opinion!
  • GJ Dee

    Gorgeous room and adorable dogs!

  • Joanna Bradley
    I used to swear by a real tree but I’m kind of loving fake and sparse now!
  • Emily
    Me too! I’m really surprised how much I like sparse trees! Yours looks great :)
  • PRO
    Here’s mine !
    Have a wonderful Christmas everyone !
    Kindest regards from Karen at OnePlan
  • kikiamack
    Just finished putting mine up. I always try and get 3 decorations when we travel. I stick to red, white, gold, glass and natural materials. Most recent additions are lace snowflakes from Bruges. Happy Christmas everyone!
  • Jo
    I love real Christmas trees although ours is already shedding needles so fingers crossed it is still looking ok on Christmas Day. I love seeing all your beautiful trees.
  • PRO
    Man About The House - The DIY & Odd Job Handyman

    Our last Christmas tree in this house ever, we're a bit sad, but on to pastures new and hopefully hot.......not a big fan of the British Winter............so here it is:-

  • Alicja Hughes
    My fake tree and kids’ mess Love the look and smell of real trees but definitely a no go with toddlers ☹️
  • Jonathan
    Mines up now
  • Jane Robertson
    Here’s mine , tiny room large tree.
  • Ribena Drinker

    One of our (real) trees is up, the other one is going up tonight.

  • Sharon Foy
    Here’s mine. Merry Christmas
  • Beano
    Bit late but a wee pic of mine and my fav ball on the tree :-)

    Merry Christmas everybody:-)
  • smartypantsnancy
    First real tree in years but trimmed with decorations collected over many years. This picture is taken by me lying on sofa drinking a big snowball, I’m finding it hard to get up :0) Merry Xmas everyone
  • Angie

    Some lovely trees Houzzers.
    We've finally decorated our trees. One indoors and one outside. Here they are.
    Happy Christmas.

  • Irene Spinks
    Here’s mine, off my feet this year following surgery so had to leave decorating it to my daughter and future son in law, very difficult for a control freak like me but I’m happy with it. Merry Christmas everyone here’s to a peaceful 2019
  • PRO
    Man About The House - The DIY & Odd Job Handyman

    Get better soon Irene....................Good that you have someone to help and I'm guessing they can cook the Christmas Dinner for you too, under the watchful eye of Mum though. Have a good one!

  • Karen

    I love this thread! Our house is still very bare but I'm delighted to finally have our Christmas trees out...

  • Emma Cordell

    Time for a new pot-grown one this year. Keeping it simple. Happy Christmas!

  • Dee Cee
    Fake tree but I LOVE it! Happy Christmas everyone
  • J C
    Happy Christmas Everyone! Don’t post very much but think the comments and suggestions from the regular contributors are great!
  • rachelmidlands
    Chimney breast is now green! Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to everyone. :-)
  • Ribena Drinker

    And finally this is the other one in the other sitting room

  • emmajgrands

    Got to admit struggling with Christmas this year, our tree only went up on Saturday and not taking credit for decorating that was a friend. Our tree is about 3 years old and only gone up as got nephew coming tomorrow and hopped the cars would destroy it....

  • Caroline Hang Hong
    We have a fake tree that my husband bought for £20 in the Woolworths closing down sale over a decade ago when our real one shed 90% of its needles within 24 hours of us buying it. This tree has seen us through 2 children and 3 cats; only one of which climbed it as a kitten. It’s thinning and requires lots of fluffing and padding out each year but we love it and it’s covered in ornaments from every year and everywhere.
  • Monica Gale

    Late to the party, I will miss our Festive touches once they need to come down.

    Reception tree decorated in whites and brown this year, main lounge tree is sparkly white, gold and copper. Best Wishes for the Season everyone <3

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