What Colour Kitchen Cupboards

14 January, 2019

I'm thinking a dark grey island (F&B downpipe, railings or inchyra), leaving worktops as they are, with lighter grey cupboards on the surrounding walls; again with the same worktops as current.

Others have said to do vice versa and have dark on the outside and light on the island.

I love the richness of dark grey or very inky blues so would like that somewhere.

I think once colour is sorted i can decide on flooring; it'll be vinyl flooring and probably a pattern, such as Mardi Gras from Carpetright

Walls are currently white and happy to leave that way

Hope you can help

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  • Daisy England

    Does it need changing? It’s a modern colour and design.

    If if I were to change then I’d have the island a different darker colour. The island is the focal point.

  • darryltovey2

    I don’t like the sage. It’s not quite green enough to stand out.

    Its just a bit of a nothing colour. Always think sage is more suited to a cottage type

  • PRO
    Man About The House - The DIY & Odd Job Handyman

    I wouldn't change any of the grey units, they're fine as they are. I like the sound of the deep blue on the Island.

    Personally i'd varnish the floor to match the colour of the work tops.

    darryltovey2 thanked Man About The House - The DIY & Odd Job Handyman
  • Daisy England

    Is it sage or grey?

  • mare9772
    Absolutely agree with ManAbout.
  • darryltovey2

    It’s currently sage green, I’d like it to be grey

  • pjdklm
    Hi- I can see the sort of blah sage colour on my screen, and when combined with the wood worktops and curved handles the kitchen has a somewhat country/ cottage type look. The rest of your furniture in the background suggests that isn’t your style.

    I think you could easily update it to a more aligned industrial look by painting it as you suggested (inky greys, darker tone on the island), and leaving the wood floors as is. I would change the handles to a more squared shape, and hang a wood and metal wall shelf in the corner. Put a potted plant on it for some colour. The thin white aluminium blinds could be replaced by wider slat wooden ones with a dark fabric tape. Remember to update the socket covers to coordinate with the newly painted cabinets.
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  • E D

    Have you considered staining the floor a very dark wood colour?

    I feel this could make the kitchen look contemporary (but not necessarily trendy, which is a good thing).

    I think this this may work very well both with your lovely sage units and the worktops.

    darryltovey2 thanked E D
  • darryltovey2

    I'm keen to lay something over the floor as they are simply floorboards and in spots are very cold. By the back single door the floor is literally freezing in winter. I was looking at vinyl flooring for the sheer amount of choice available for a reasonable cost. So i guess with that in mind, flooring is relatively easy. Was looking at something like this.....

  • PRO
    Man About The House - The DIY & Odd Job Handyman

    I like the idea of the paler grey units with the darker island.

    I still think that varnishing the floor to match the worktops is better than vinyl. Stripped floors add value ( check out Rightmove - it's one of the filters ). However, I do understand about the draft, so that's a big consideration, although you could have fillets put in to stop that. The other thing is, it's going to be difficult to get a vinyl floor down without having a step by your carpeted area. You can't lay vinyl straight on to floorboards as they're not flat. You would have to put ply down over the top of the floorboards, thus creating the little step and then put the vinyl down.

    Have a think about the sub , floor and the step. Here's your mardi gras, it does look nice

    I'd aim to change the worktops eventually too.

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  • forzaitalia
    I love the sage colour! Lovely organic hue. I would just paint the island a darker colour of your choice. As already explained by MATH, you cannot lay vinyl on a wooden floor, you need to lay ply over the whole area first. Otherwise it will start to move and split as you walk on it.
    darryltovey2 thanked forzaitalia
  • darryltovey2

    Thanks for all of the replies - certainly provides food for thought.

    With regards to the floor, is laying ply over it a bad thing, or is this all about the height of the floor? The whole downstairs was originally the same, i had underlay and carpet put in the living ad hall areas to try and segregate the spaces and left the dining/kitchen.

    I think im 100% on a darker island - just picking the colour now.

    i'm debating painting the wall dark now like the last picture.

    The challenge is that its all open plan, so i have to use colour on walls to split it all up, however without making it too dark and without clashing.

    example below. this is looking from the living area into the kitchen/diner. This back wall links into the kitchen and then to the side wall which is F&B pavilion grey.

  • PRO
    bubbles bathrooms and tiles

    Dark blue,grey would look lovely with the oak and surrounding cabinets!

  • darryltovey2

    with regards to the flooring issue - what are people's thoughts on painted floorboards?

  • E D

    I quite like painted floorboards but I think (oil-) staining them is probably a more durable option.

    Paint can have a tendency to flake. Although perhaps less so with dedicated floor paint(?)

  • PRO
    Man About The House - The DIY & Odd Job Handyman

    I would stain or ( combined stain) and varnish the floorboards, it's a kitchen, you need to be able to mop them, oil isn't brilliant for a kitchen with the spill thing, and mopping an oiled finish isn't great.

    What finish is on them at the moment, as that may dictate what you can put on them now. If they're already oiled, then painting or varnishing isn't an option, as you can't get the oil because it seeps in, so you can't prime and paint.

    Rawlins and Dulux amongst others manufacture specialist floor paint that is really hard wearing, you just need to pick the right one. So, if the floor is suitable for paint, then you could visit a Dulux Decorators centre and they'll help you find the right paint.

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  • darryltovey2

    OK so i have started with reducing the size of the island by removing the end cupboards. At the weekend i will plane the bottom of the end piece as its a little too snug at the moment; this will leave an overhang that will be trimmed down by around half to see how it looks with the breakfast bar.

    Long term i think the decision is to replace the worktop and move the hob by rotating 90 degrees and putting it at the opposite end of the breakfast bar. With the hob where it is, it doesn't leave much space for the breakfast bar to be functional.

    Moving the hob means extending the gas pipe underneath but otherwise straight forward.

    Kickboards and doors are just covering the gaps to stop the cats exploring until i can get the router out

    Disappointed that the only part of the floor seemingly not treated by the previous owner is the part that i happen to now have on show. all of the rest appears done.

    Debating scrapping the flooring idea and just having the flooring sanded and made darker.

    Once all done i will start paint; current options below.

    Its amazing what lighting and surface does to paint colours. They are all F&B, in order, Downpipe Grey, Hague Blue, Inchyra Blue and current. I'm waiting for "railings" to arrive.

  • eainel

    Why not paint the floorboards in downpipe?

  • PRO

    Hi dear I'm seeing loose reds -pinky +a hearty orange selection

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