What Would Houzzers Do? - New Boiler

16 February, 2019
Apologies in advance for the length of this post. Hoping to hear your opinions on what you think I could do.
I had new Worcester Bosch boiler installed by BG in October which has been nothing but a pain and after dozens of calls to BG i'm having a serious SOH failure.
1. Shortly after install the boiler started making a banging sound. Que the first engineer visit who declared all was good with the boiler. (did not stay long enough to hearthe bang) Then a massive leak in main bathroom BG says it's totally un-related.
2. Bigger bangs. Que 2nd engineer who then called out the Worcester Bosch engineer who told us a Bypass valve was not fitted during installation and advised BG to start trouble shooting there.
3. BG engineer visited to install valve which happened to be the 2nd engineer who visited. He then discovered what should have picked up on his previous visit. The boiler was installed incorrectly including flow, filter etc etc. White noise as I'm not a boiler engineer. He did a temp fix.
4. By this I've run out of patience and pit in a complaint gave them the ultimatum to fix their catalogue of errors or replace thw boiler. Que a visit from the installation manager. He basically confirmed a catalogue of errors but still tried to convince me to keep the boiler as if there is a block in the system changing the boiler would not correct the problem. He also could not understand how I had heating and hot water. I Asked if the boiler was replaced would they do a thorough check of the whole system and sort any blockage? He said Yes so I asked for the boiler to be replaced.
5. Engineer turned up today changed the boiler. 6 hrs later Massive Bang boiler leaking. He is now on his way back. Now I ask What Would Houzzers Do? has anyone had a similar experience? Bloody miss my old boiler :-(

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  • Jonathan
    You have contracted BG to do this job so you need them to make more efforts to resolve this. I think you should also flag this with the boiler manufacturer- clearly the issue is installation but it is poor that one of the biggest names in the country can’t install this boiler.
    You should also get BG to give you an extended warranty to give you peace of mind after the eventual repair.
  • Daisy England

    Gees what a nightmare. The problem with British Gas is that they use a lot of sub contractors. Regardless they should have been able to do the job correctly. How infuriating.

    I had mine replaced almost 2 years ago. I used a gas company I’ve used for years for odd bits and bobs. He fitted it one evening. Even registered it for me for a special offer and I got £100 of John Lewis/Waitrose vouchers.

    Personally I would never use BG. I really hope you get sorted. Can you have an alternative brand?

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  • Patrina
    Thank you both I have been put through the ringer with this. The stress has caused me an autoimmune flare. My call to BG tomorrow and listening to their hold music might just finish tipping me over the edge. The positive (and I say this with caution) is that after the re-visit from the engineer last night he has identified the source of the new bangs and will be returning to fix it tomorrow. NEVER AGAIN, next time I will use someone local. Jonathan I will take on board your suggestion for my call tomorrow.
  • Daza
    take to their social media account(s). the only time I seem to get anywhere with big company customer services these days is when it gets assigned to their "social media team".
  • embzop

    What a dreadful experience. I do find some of these big companies are quite complacent when they think they can keep sending their own people to look at it. You said that the boiler had been leaking, perhaps it is time to start talking to BG about you getting contractors in at their cost to repair / replace water damaged flooring, plaster, paintwork etc.

  • Ribena Drinker

    How terrible, these things are sent to try us........and try is they do!

    Sometime while we were in Florida last month our boiler packed up, we came home a couple of weeks ago (during that very cold snap), to a freezing cold house and three very chilly and miserable cats (who were being fed by a neighbour - the other two were nice a cosy in a cattery).

    The boiler chap who came out, when asked if we should think about getting a new one, said he wouldn't recommend it as the old ones were head and shoulders better than the new ones and while it was still just simple repairs required, he wouldn't advise changing it.

    When I hear stories like yours I think he may be right.

    I hope you get it sorted out soon.........just in time for spring! LOL

  • PRO
    Hope you get this fixed soon ! Sounds a total nightmare !
  • Patrina
    Thank you all. My old boiler was as old as the house and was costing too much for upkeep. Kept breaking down and we had no choice but to change it. But in hindsight don't know what's best keeping my old one expecting it to break down or having a new one incorrectly installed that's caused me more headache than it's worth. The sleeplessness nights wondering if they have cocked up the gas works is certainly not worth it. Never tested my Carbon Monoxide Alarm so often it is actually becoming obsessive.
  • forzaitalia

    I’m so sorry this has happened Patrina. I used to work for BG in the 70’s when they were top of the range, but sadly they no longer are. They do use mostly sub contractors for fitting boilers, servicing etc so quality can be erratic.

    Three years ago we got a new boiler via a government scheme as my hubbie was claiming Pension Credit at the time. The fitters were polite and efficient and we haven’t had any problems yet, fingers crossed. I was expecting a sloppy job so I was very pleased. I agree with Ribena Drinker that old boilers were built to last. Our old boiler was 30 years old and we only replaced because we thought we should, not because we had to! We do get the new boiler serviced by a local company each year.

    i think putting a rant on Twitter (if you are on there) or Facebook is a good idea as most businesses hate that! Or you could email the Chief Exec explaining what has happened. I find that often works. Never ring customer service, they really don’t care. I hope it is sorted out soon for you.

  • E D

    Gosh Patrina, that must be so frustrating and infuriating.

    You think British Gas would have the expertise to fit a gas boiler! What an awful service.

    Good luck in getting it sorted.

  • Patrina
    Thank you all, that's what I thought E D. Go with a reputable company they said cute Penguin and all - what a joke!
  • Patrina
    Update: So after the engineer visit on Monday the saga continued a couple of valve changes and then there was a hell of a vibration in my airing cupboard. He managed to stop this but still could not correct the bang in the system. Que a call from the manager who sent another engineer out on Tuesday, after yet another drain on the system and he came to a conclusion of what he thought the problem was (@ which point he also told me he won't tell me his thoughts as he had to have a discussion with his manager) marking their own homework I think. He then arranged to come back today with another engineer. (the same from Sat and Mon) don't know how I keep track of them. Anyway after YET another system drain and lots of noises they explained that YET another valve was incorrectly installed, flows still crossed etc. white noise, white noise, white noise. The result after tests no bangs and a quiet house. Now consolidating my thoughts before contacting the company. They have 100% lost this customer NEVER AGAIN!
  • PRO
    Man About The House - The DIY & Odd Job Handyman

    I have had problems with British Gas for many years and had a huge compensation claim going at one point. I find some engineers ok, but the temporary ones are usually awful, don't care, don't turn up when they say they will and generally have caused a large heap of problems. I have a property portfolio and as a Landlord am really at their mercy as nobody else offers the homecare service for the Tenants if there's a problem, I also have to have many Gas Certs every year in order to let out the properties and it causes a lot of problems.

    On a personal note I have a Worcester Bosch Boiler. They come with a huge warranty and Worcester Bosch themselves are great. I think you're suffering at the hands of British Gas and their ineptitude not a bad boiler. I would call Worcester Bosch tell them what's been happening and ask for one of their engineers to attend instead.

  • Sam Potter
    am just liking your post because it appears to be fixed. What a nightmare. I hope you reach a good outcome with BG. You might not want any more hassle but if it's affected your health perhaps BG should compensate you for that too.
  • forzaitalia

    I hope this is the end of it. What a shambles BG are. They go forward on a reputation they used to have many years ago, but no longer deserve. My fingers and toes are crossed for you.

  • Angie
    Long ago I vowed never to use BG again. Such a nightmare for you. Hopefully the problem is now resolved and you can keep nice and warm. Do contact WB and let them know about it. And follow up with BG with a formal complaint. It is not appropriate to send an inept engineer, and then to send different people, although in this case it seems that may have helped resolve things. But no one was taking ownership of the problem, leaving you with stress you did not need. Fingers crossed that this is now fixed and running well.
  • Patrina
    @MATH and Angie the WB engineer was the third to turn up he also declared that the Boiler was working correctly but recommended that the bypass was fitted as a trouble shooter for why there was a bang and other issues etc. (trianglar warning in the installation manual clearly stated one should have been fitted on installation) Glad he did this as I would not have had the next engineer out who incidentally was the second one out, who then discovered the installatiin errors. So far i've has 8 visits from BG 4 since Saturday almost feel we should invite them over for a we have finally done it party......NOT Anyway I say all that to say so far so good... I think. fingers crossed. I will be consolidating my thoughts tonight prior to my call to BG tomorrow. Hopefully I will rest easier tonight absolute nightmare. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and suggestions they are really valued very glad I discovered Houzz and you wonderful houzzers :-)
  • PRO
    Man About The House - The DIY & Odd Job Handyman

    Sounds like they owe you a bottle or two, or maybe a crate?

  • Patrina
    So I finally spoke to BG today (area manager). I had questions as to what was wrong with my boiler. etc. etc. since they refused to tell me on Tue what they found out and what they were going to do. Anyway he told me that after the boiler change and still the same issues they corrected the cross connections, changed valves etc. Blamed all the subsequent engineers after the first install. He even blamed the old installers of my old old first boiler. I pointed out the critical non installation of the valve and soon told him I squarely placed the blame on the installer who messed things up in the first place for which he is the manager. He made out like he did me a favour replacing a boiler hooked up incorrectly for nearly 5 months!!! He then offered me a £400 comp.(I said I’d think about it over the weekend) obviously I had the Warranty re-started as at sat. Is there anything else you guys could suggest for when I speak to him on Monday? Obviously fatigued by all this but need to know I’ve covered all my bases.
  • forzaitalia

    You can do no more. You could argue the compo but £400 sounds good to me, but a cheeky counter price wouldn’t hurt! Good that you had Warranty re-started. Once you get your compo (but not before) then write a scathing review on Trustpilot, it’s one of the more honest review sites in my opinion. Then move on.

  • minnie101

    Gas scares me. I don't know whether it's justified in asking for them to pay for an independent gas safety check given the installation issues. Hard to comment on comp without knowing the boiler cost but you could argue the inconvenience cost you x a day in loss of earnings, stress, calls etc. I would ask for details of everything in writing in any case and do not close the complaint down until you're completely happy. Have you looked at their complaint procedure btw and have they followed it?

  • Patrina
    Well my misery is destined to continue maybe I should offer BG to have a resident engineer in my home. Woken up at work 6 this morning by the sound of a jackhammer going off what I thought was outside. Only to find this waa coming from my airing cupboard. We had to turn both heating and hot water off to stop the racket. Sent video evidence to the installation manager and rung home care.... Livid!
  • ger_gg

    You may have spotted this already but useful info on how to escalate complaint here

  • AMB
    Oh Patrina, sorry to hear about this! I hope you get it resolved. I had a WB installed last year and it has been very reliable, if a little noisy when operating.

    I would continue with the complaint. You can accept the monetary compensation but you should also ask them to pay for an independent engineer to come out and inspect the boiler. If further work is required then BG should fit the bill, as well as the cost of any decorative/structural repair work. This is 'redress'.

    With complaints, you have to persist until you get the outcome that is right for you. The offer of £400 might be tempting, but it is compensation, not redress, and once you accept it BG will consider the complaint resolved.

    If you do not think they have resolved the complaint to your satisfaction ask for it to be passed to their complaints ombudsman - I think this is OFGEM.
  • Patrina
    AMB the money was never tempting. For me the main concern was always to have a good working efficient and reliable boiler. Honestly this latest early morning wake up call has totally broken me. Now waiting around for the 6th time since Saturday for yet another BG engineer. I will now be esculating my complaints.
  • AMB
    Good luck!
  • E D

    That's absolutely awful.

    You're probably already doing this but make sure you document/ log everything. Dates, times of all occurrences, phone calls, conversations, names of people involved etc etc. This may make listing it all easier and more effective when escalating it.

    Good luck.

  • Patrina
    Thanks again all. I thought my nightmare was over but seems to have taken on new dimensions

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