Poorly Grass... what to do?

Gerty Werty
24 March, 2019

We had our garden seeded last October (just b4 it was too late) in hopes for a nice lawn in the spring!! Now spring is here, the grass is very sickly and thin. Will it just thicken up when the weather warms up? Or does it need some special treatment? or dare i say it redseeding? Our front garden has had 3 cuts already his year so thats why im slightly worried about this?

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  • Victoria
    I’m not an expert by a very long stretch but I honestly think it’s looking fine and you just need to give it time.
  • forzaitalia

    Give it time. If the weather is as dry where you are as it has been in the south, give it a good water each evening. It just looks a bit sparse and parched. Water is the lifeblood of all plants. :-)

  • tamp75
    It looks like it’s lacking in nutrients a bit. Did the seed go onto good quality topsoil? You could top dress it with topsoil but that would be fairly costly for such a large area. The best option might just be to wait for a little while with your fingers crossed!
  • Gerty Werty
    Thanks for the comments. We had 12 lorry loads of top soil put in as the garden was originally quite up and down! But yes to me it looks like its lacking in nutrients!! I guess we will wait and see how it goes as the weather gets warmer. Will it be too early to feed it in a couple of months? if not, what os the best product to use?
  • PRO
    Logi Engineering LTD

    Hi there

    we have bigger garden and have to choose professional fertilisers ( we use Pitchcare check their website ) as they are more efficient and cheaper. But first of all you need to check Ph of your soil and then choose right staff. I plan to put fertiliser in 1-2 weeks already.

  • Daisy England

    I have a treatment applied to my lawn by a local company and I can tell the difference between my lawn and my neighbours. Even the colour of mine is a deep green, whereas the neighbours are a yellow green. The treatments applied by professional companies are far more intense and better than the stuff you can buy from a garden centre.

    I‘d see who is available locally and ask them to apply a regular treatment. I think ours is done by Greensleeves and they have franchises everywhere.

  • Gerty Werty
    Thanks. yes we have quite a big area..
    its just ovet 1/2 acre and im worried if i do it myself it would have patchy stripes like my front does when i feed it!! Ill make some enquires and will definitely lool up the website for cheaper feeds! Can i get a ph tester from a any garden shop?
  • PRO
    Logi Engineering LTD

    Use right equipment and you will avoid patches. Lets be realistic - local small companies are using the same one, it is not expensive - buy good one, it will cost 30-40 £ BTW If you have dog/s also I would recommend to think about organic fertilisers

  • forzaitalia

    Gerty all garden centres sell ph testers. The basic ones are just a test tube that you put a little soil in, mix with the tester compound and water and then compare the colour to the chart. Dead easy. Great thing is it will tell you which plants would grow best in your soil.

  • Resh Absolutely tonnes of info on lawns! I learned a lot...

  • Ribena Drinker

    Like Daisy England, we have our lawn done by a lawn chap, he comes every three months or so and the difference from what it was, is startling.

    Our lawn was in pretty bad shape in the beginning, with bare patches, a load of moss and lots of weeds. First time he came, he scarified it, weed killed it and re-seeded, within a very short space of time it was looking great. All he does now is apply a feed (and a weedkiller when required) every three months - he charges £20 per visit for that.

    It may be worth finding a similar chap local to you, as when ours first came, he told us we needed a particular seed mix for our lawn, which explained why any seeding we'd done previously hadn't worked well.

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