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22 March, 2019


My kitchen is tired n small. The builder suggested a 3m rear expansion would cost 20k plus the kitchen. I cannot spend a huge sum at the moment.

I have an integrated garage but part conversion would cost 10k.

Are the figures right?

I am posting the current floorplan and an option what I have in mind. I want to make sure it will work.

Option - Knock the wall between kitchen and dining. Move the door to the garage to the rear, convert rear part of garage (3x2.4) to a utlity area and put a peninsula in main kitchen. Is there enough space for a rectangle dining table then or would it be congested?

I want the hob and fridge in the main kitchen, sink &washing machine can be in utility. I love to have an island but fully understand it wont fit.

In case I extend the property after couple of years, I dont want this to go waste and everything should sync in.

Waiting for ideas.

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  • PRO
    Man About The House - The DIY & Odd Job Handyman

    When the builder gave you the quote to partially convert the garage, i'm not sure how he got to 10k................did this include the cost of the new kitchen and removing the dining room wall?

    You need to insulate the walls properly and only two of them will be external, one is already internal. You will also need new flooring.

    What is your total budget? A new kitchen and flooring plus a small modification could cost around £10k, but possibly more depending on finish.

  • Jonathan
    £10k is not enough to do everything well.
    If it were me I would look at getting the most impact for the money spent.
    If it were me I wouldn’t convert the garage as I think the builders quote for the garage although a little high is a good indication- you can still put a washing machine in the back of the garage and there would be no need to move the door.
    I would however block the door to the lounge to give you wall space. My plan means moving plumbing (similar money to the money saved by not moving the garage door). This plan makes the room look bigger because you have not cut it in half with a peninsula, there would be room for a big table and later if you extend you put the dining table into the extension and add an island to the kitchen.
    I think by the time you have earmarked money for adding plumbing to the back of the garage, blocked up the lounge door, moved plumbing and electrics in the kitchen and paid for a kitchen fitter and a new floor I think you will only have £4K for your new kitchen. To get better quality cabinets and appliances consider buying a used kitchen-
    Don’t forget that a used kitchen will have costs involved with removal and transportation.
  • seethalrobin

    @Jonathan, Thanks for your comments. Cant block the door to living room as its the only way to access the living room.

    Are you saying that even after knocking the wall between kitchen and dining, the room is not big enough for a peninsula? Can you think of a layout where I can fit an island( with least storage in the main kitchen)?

  • seethalrobin

    @ Man About The House - The DIY & Odd Job Handyman , My budget is £15,000 max. The builder's quote was excluding kitchen. I think he quoted for knocking the kitchen wall and adding the garage to the main house.

  • PRO
    Man About The House - The DIY & Odd Job Handyman

    That's steep for knocking down a wall and putting up insulation !!

    The trouble is the sizes that you're working with.

    Currently the dining room in just large enough to fit in a table, the kitchen is the same size as that. If you put in a door to the garage and allow for units along the far wall, it makes another space the same size 3.2 by 2.7, which is really to large for Utility.

    Knocking the wall down to put in a larger kitchen only eats in to the space for the dining table and then you don't have enough room for one, plus the Utility is quite large in comparison. This is it to scale.

    You could certainly have a larger kitchen / diner, but you can't fit in the configuration of the kitchen with the peninsula and have a dining table in there, it just wouldn't fit.

    You could try this configuration, but you'd need quite a small table and chairs to make it work.

    I think i'd aim more for something like this to make the project really worthwhile. Open up the gap in to the garage and use that as a dining area. Move the patio doors in to that room and re-use them to keep down costs. Put in a new window where the patio doors were. Although you don't get a Utility, you do get a much larger kitchen breakfast room and a separate dining room.

  • Webuser 2105

    Thanks for your time. Liked the idea. The boiler is at the rear left corner of the garage. Also the current access to the garden is via the garage. Thats the main reason for converting to a utility room so I can still bring garden waste through. Do you still think this plan will work?

  • PRO
    Man About The House - The DIY & Odd Job Handyman

    The garden waste brings a new problem to the table.

    You would need a door from the Utility in to the Garage as you wouldn't be bringing the waste through the house.

    Having had a look at the sizes again, I don't believe an Up and Over Garage Door will be able to function given the depth needed for the utility. You may need to amend the front of the garage and change the door. Obviously if you have old fashioned double doors then, great you won't have the problem. Here it is laid out, you see the workings over shoot the wall.

    The Utility would work. The main kitchen area remains very small with inadequate work top space. The Hob can move to the front wall, that would help. Take away the stools which hinder the dining space. Make sure the Garage workings will still have enough room .

    15k is a tight budget. I'm not saying it's impossible, but you would need to get the right builder, one that's on board with the budget, can provide exact costings and a fixed price ( so no surprises ). You would also need to cost the kitchen and utility units exactly, plus add to the budget a new floor, and the doors that you need.

    If the Builder's quote was 10k with no kitchen, then clearly you're another 10K short. 8k'ish for a mid range kitchen, it's quite a lot of units including the utility, that might get you the installation included. 2k for flooring and installation.

    I'm not great on prices that trade charge for work, I do all my own and don't pay for it, so quite honestly, sometimes I'm staggered at what they charge, but I know it won't be cheap.

    I think if you shop around very shrewdly, don't have any fancy ideas then it's possible, however, i'd be happier with a budget of £20k.

  • Jonathan
    I don’t see how you can contemplate converting the back part of the garage and refit the kitchen with the budget you have- if it were me I would get rid of the idea of having a dedicated utility and just put the washer at the back of the garage and leave the personal door to the garage in its existing position.
    As far as kitchen layout if you plan a kitchen on the wall with windows the kitchen will later be in the way if you do build the extension so I would move the plumbing now so that later you don’t need another new kitchen.
    As far as the lounge door- there must be another way around this- what is the layout of the front of the house?- I imagined you would have a hallway that could include a lounge door.
    Lastly islands/peninsulas and dining tables need 1m to walk around them and are generally 90cm deep as a minimum so you need a room that is about a meter bigger than your current room to have both now.

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