Right price for a kitchen

4 August, 2017

Hi guys, we are planning on getting our extension built and have a new kitchen. We are having a kitchen island and other cabinets as shown in the photo, but no appliances ( think we are going to end up dourcing ourvown appliances) Would anyone be able to advice what the correct price should be for the kitchen, as everyone keeps quoting different. We have been to Howdens, Benchmarx etc.

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  • Daisy England
    It's impossible to say what price you should be paying.
    Each supplier will have their own manufacturers who in turn might have a different specification.
    Are they white handleless gloss and are the worktops solid timber or laminate?
    Does their price include fitting or do you intend to fit yourself?
    There could be a vast price difference.
    Just to point out one thing ... having a microwave in a wall unit is not advisable. You'll have to reach over the worktop to lift out and lift down. What happens when you spill liquids? You have a big kitchen so I'm sure there's somewhere else this could be fitted.
    Curves on the island cost. They are expensive doors and there's not a lot of storage space behind them. If you want to reduce the cost swap these. They might look aesthetically pleasing but regarding useful storage they're next to useless.
  • A

    Thankyou for a detailed feedback, its much appreciated. Yes it is a white handless gloss (19mm if benchmarx or 22mm if Howdens etc). And we are just buying the kitchen, got our own fitter.

    Also its difficult to tell from the photos, but its only curved decorative plinths at the ends. There are no curved cabinets or doors at all as i myself think they are too expensive and offer less space. Also its laminate worktops.

    We just want to have an idea of how much it could cost as there are massive differences in the quotes.

  • A S

    There are many factors which influence the cost of a kitchen, the main being

    - The quality
    A solid kitchen will cost more than MDF carcases as will solid worktops over laminate.

    If you are considering gloss kitchens, the type of gloss will influence price? Are you looking for a glass finish, lacquered finish or vinyl wrapped?

    - The quantity of appliances and units

    - The style
    As mentioned above curves significantly increase a kitchen price; when having our kitchen priced up, the curves were approximately an additional 2k.

    If you want a softer look, an alternative is curved panels which is considerably cheaper.

    A flat pack kitchen often works out cheaper than a ready-built, but this is countered in fitting where it's easier to fit a Ready built kitchen compared to flat pack.

    it is also important to note, that you have to barter with many kitchen companies expecially Howdens who give a ridiculously high quote but end up lowering significantly.
    Many kitchen companies also price match.
  • A

    Thankyou for the reply...... we are looking at howdens, benchmarx and Wrens.....and already have experienced of what howdens are like when it comes to price. We have looked for similar specs elsewhere as well....i.e. Wickes. And hence wanted a rough idea of what the intended correct price would be for kitchen. And yes we do know that different work tops and stuff do differ in price and like stated earlier we are only having curved decorative plints, laminate worktops, 19mm or 22mm doors, and cabinets as they come from the stated kitchen companies and No appliances at all. Ideally would like to know how much a decent price would it be if bought from Benchmarx, Howdens or Wren.....etc.....

  • tamp75
    Can your fitter not give you an idea of price? If they are a kitchen fitter, I'd imagine they'd be able to give you an idea of what is reasonable for the kitchen you're after.
    You could also try who have a great range of kitchens & are very reasonable. You could get an idea of price by selecting all the parts you need online.
  • A

    Well to start with we were going to use a different builder, through him we got a quote of 14k ( we not using him anymore)......and cutting the long story short, going through various sources the price is gone down to 6.9k....hence the reason i posted on here to get some honest feedback.....cause am still under the impression that this is still overpriced....B&Q (22mm doors)have quoted 5.4k for the same.

    The only reason i havent used diy-kitchens yet is because i havent seen their products physically and see what they are like.

  • tamp75
    DIY kitchens have a range of kitchens as many places do. We went with one of their cheaper ranges & our kitchen, units, inc quartz worktops through them was around £7000. It was cheaper than we were quoted with b & q & their quote didn't include quartz worktops. We bought appliances & sink separately. All units came ready built. Our kitchen fitter, who usually goes with howdens, was very impressed with the carcass build quality. Included photos so you can see number of units we had.
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  • A

    That looks great, thanks tamp75.....i think i will have to plan a trip down to their showroom.

    We are planning on getting our appliances ourselves as well, think the kitchen companies dont teally have the best deals when it comes to appliances.

  • julia_sharpe
    Sorry to hijack your post but Tamp75, your kitchen looks beautiful! We are currently planning our kitchen and will probably use DIY. Please could I ask what colour your units are? We have just had samples of lamp room grey and dove grey- yours looks like it
    could be one of these or is it a
    bespoke colour? Are you happy with
    the kitchen units/were you happy with
    the service?
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  • mcpeeple
    We also had a white gloss (Luca) kitchen fitted from DIY Kitchens. The carcasses came ready built (not flat pack) and our carpenter couldnt believe how good the quality was and now recommends them to everybody.
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  • J A
    We just had our kitchen from diy kitchens fitted. I am very happy and it was half the price of howdens. Definitely have a look at them if only to price check the others.
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  • tamp75
    @julia_sharpe - unfortunately our kitchen range has now been discontinued so I can't check the colour but I think it was just 'light grey'. It wasn't bespoke and wasn't lamp room grey as that was just a bit too green for me. There weren't many ranges at the time (started looking 2 years ago) that had the pale grey although I see they have light grey as an option for several ranges now.
  • tamp75
    Sorry typing on my phone so limited space! Service was great. Ordered & returned several sample doors. Their online videos are really useful too. Made lots of phone calls which they also put up with very patiently! Templating & fitting of worktops was also very efficient. Quartz is compac which is fantastic. Kitchen has been in for 16 months now & very pleased with it.
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  • PRO
    Angel Martin interiors


    As i'm sure your finding out there is a huge price difference company to company. If your after a fair comparison you need to ensure every company is quoting on exactly the same layout and specification or you will be going around in circles.

    My advise is to use the information on kitchen layout you have already received from the various kitchen companies you have been to and draw up a basic plan yourself of the room with all the units in. Add a written specification to this stating the type of worktop, up stands, etc etc..

    Next, select 3 or 4 companies that you feel are suitable, i.e.. good quality but sensible price range. Then give each them the plan and spec.

    Tell each that they are not to alter the plan / spec in any way, they should quote their best price based on this information only. Also tell them this information has been given to three other companies. I can't stress enough that you must instruct them not to add anything to the plan or spec, your trying to achieve a comparison so all companies must quote on exactly the same number of units, same type of w/top etc..

    Once you have the quotes back you will have a fair comparison.

    Once you have the most competitive company and you have fine tuned the design agree the price and walk away... Don't place the order.

    It's a buyers market, if the company has any sense at all they will be back to you with in the week desperate to close the deal, you have the upper hand !!!

    All kitchen companies try to achieve a maximum profit margin, they then have a discount structure to offer to close the deal. They are all also under pressure to hit sales targets and create turnover, if handled correctly they will discount below their normal margin to close the deal.

    Hope that helps,



    I'm not trying to sell you my services, I'm genuinely trying to offer the best advice I can.

    On that basis I would advise you to draw your kitchen on graph paper or use one of the many apps available. If you are struggling however I would be happy to draw this up for you and write a specification. I would charge a small fee but the offer is there if you need it.

    Good Luck.....

    A thanked Angel Martin interiors
  • sarishmacbeth
    I've purchased two kitchens (two houses) from DIY kitchens and fitted them both myself. The second time we needed the plasterers to replace a ceiling first and an electrician as the room layout changed. But as the units are pre-assembled you just slide them into place and level them by turning the feet before bolting them together. Using space plugs to attach them to the wall is easier than bracketing them.

    The sink unit is a bit fiddly and will require a jigsaw but it's all pretty simple. I found the only tricky bit was drilling through the ultra hard Cambridge bricks for the moved extractor pipe whilst up a ladder.

    Then you just get a professional to fit the worktop and any tricky decorative end panels which need trimming to uneven walls. The second time we got granite and the fitters were very impressed with the sturdiness of the DIY kitchens units.

    Saved us a fortune which was lucky as we spent double the amount on fancy appliances from the Miele outlet shop,
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  • Jonathan
    A blue medium sized jumper is a different style, material and price in every shop so you will no doubt draw the same conclusion when shopping around. I think you should set a budget you are prepared to pay, find a product you like and then buy that one.
    As far as appliances go the kitchen showrooms may well be able to compete with internet prices and there is some benefit to using them- firstly you will have all the deliveries together (no waiting for weeks and having to be in on 8 different days). Also the appliances will all match- a friend sourced her own appliances and the warming drawer under her oven doesn't match the appliance above. Plus there is one person invested in your satisfaction rather than an internet company and their various delivery companies.
    Lastly if the appliances don't all arrive in a timely fashion you will have to call out your fitter again which will be an additional call out cost therefore negating a modest saving.
    I also agree that the microwave position is unsafe but otherwise like the plan.
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  • Resh
    As others have said, DIY Kitchens will save you a fortune, and their stuff is just as good as the kitchen shops.

    The absolute key is the fitter. A good one will make a cheap kitchen look beautiful. A bad one will make an expensive kitchen look cheap.

    We actually used Solid Wood Kitchens, as we wanted solid oak - about 40% pricier than DIY but still cheaper than many high street people. Our builders fitted it and it looks lovely - way more pricey than it was. I did the design myself.
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  • julia_sharpe
    @tamp75 and others who have commented about DIY Kitchens- thank you so much, you have helped make our minds up!
  • A

    Thank you everyone for the comments and advice.......we are already thinking about the microwave issue as couple of members on here have mentioned it and also going yo check out diy kitchens website.....Suresh, your kitchens amazing.....absolutely love it......whats the splashback you have used....??

  • Resh
    A custom distressed mirror splashback. Was about £300 - no cutouts, so wasn't too expensive. I love it and it makes cooking more sociable...
  • Resh
    Here it is!
  • PRO
    We design a lot of kitchens for clients shopping around ( as we don't sell product - just design services) and many of them end up buying from DIY kitchens - no ones ever come back to me saying they wished they hadn't ! Do a lot for people buying from Classic kitchens direct too - and other places that don't offer a design service - to keep their prices lower !
  • PRO
    On phone - and hit send too early !
    ... Our advice is ask as many companies you like the look of to price your design - and compare like for like ! Also check out their showrooms if you can and read reviews etc to see if they have lots of happy clients !
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  • LTS
    Send your plan to DIY Kitchens & they will quote & add the items to your basket. Their Luca range is lovely.
    We are getting a Norton kitchen & utility from them & it is costing about £11k for cabinetry only. It is currently stacked in our extension but the kitchen should be fitted next week. Yay!
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  • obobble
    You also need to understand the different companies pricing strategies. Do they have a sale/ non sale cycle (Wickes etc) or are their sticker prices same thru the year ("everyday low prices" e.g. B & Q)? This can make your timing critical or not. Also are they aimed at consumers or the trade. If trade e.g. Howdens and Benchmarx, can your fitter get a better price? Also, are the carcasses delivered ready built or not. If not, you will incur extra costs on fitting.
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  • laurz84 that the Welton range?

    That is the one we have been considering, and have samples. Just haven't managed to find that many pictures online.

    Yours looks great! Is that the light grey?
  • Viv Bristow
    Can I just recommend - high standard, high spec, low cost kitchens. Amazing! We used them, they have a showroom up north (we live london, well worth the trip) - we have a large kitchen, lots of cupboards, cost us £6,500 for units & hob (we had most of our appliances we were keeping) - lots of people comment it looks like a £30k kitchen! Great customer service, w
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  • A

    Thanks Viv for the advice.....we are thinking on the same lines, maybe we should make the trip up north.....would you mind sharing a few photos of your kitchen on here if it's ok with you.....we are also planning on just sourcing the kitchen and get the appliances ourselves

  • LTS
    I missed tamp75's pics yesterday. Gorgeous kitchen :)
  • PRO
    P & P Maintenance Services

    We specialise in Kitchen and Bathroom Installations. In terms of your approach, getting your own appliances is worth it. You will get better value. In term of your kitchen cabinetry, I must emphasise this: Wren have the most appalling and disgraceful logistics operations along with hideous customer service. We now refuse to fit Wren Kitchens because of this. They wont deliver all of what you want on time and you will genuinely struggle to get it delivered. We fitted (our last I hasten to add) a Wren kitchen 4 years ago and it was delivered incomplete. The customer has never ever received the rest of his kitchen and ended up sourcing parts elsewhere. I have fitted Howdens, Benchmarx and Magnet Trade Kitchens. All are very similar in quality. Howdens are ahead in stock holding (far greater then the others) and a damaged item can be replaced the same day, or at worst they will get one froma nother local branch. Don't under estimate the importance of decent stock holding and logistics when the kitchen fitter is only booked for a certain number of days!!

    A thanked P & P Maintenance Services
  • tamp75
    Thanks LTS & Laurz84- we're really pleased with our kitchen. The other good thing about diy kitchens was a relatively short order time - delivery was within 3 weeks from order which was much quicker than other places. Maybe not so fast now as they're getting more popular? Laurz84 - we had the 'shelley' range which has is no longer stocked but it was in 'light grey' which is a lovely soft colour. Good luck with your kitchen.
  • LTS
    Yes tamp75 it's still only a 3 week turnaround from order to delivery. This is mine stacked until it's starting to be fitted on Tuesday. Customer service from DIY has been excellent & they haven't got fed up of my numerous questions! We upgraded to soft close cabinets & high drawer sides. Really pleased & cant wait for it all to be finished although that will be quite a while as need to let the screed dry out properly before we can lay the flooring.
  • LTS
    BTW tamp75 our kitchen is their light grey too - what wall colour did you choose? Am having a last minute panic as decorator doing mist tomorrow & needs my decision as builder is on holiday week after next & I've told him I need a kitchen having been without one since 1 July! I painted our colour in white paper but it isn't a true colour so have painted on playroom wall as the extension is all plastered!
  • tamp75
    @LTS - our walls are just plain white. We painted everywhere white as we had the whole house replastered as part of our renovation. Always thought I'd choose a kitchen colour afterwards but haven't. Not sure what would look right with the light grey & like how it is anyway. Hope you post photos when yours is done - exciting (if a bit stressful) times! Your extension space looks amazing.
  • LTS
    Thanks tamp75. It turns out the painter is only doing a white mist coat today & is returning later in the week so I have time to buy even more testers. LOL. He said I can paint the testers on the walls in the extension which should help as it is west facing whereas the playroom that I tested them on is east facing.
    We were originally going to go with Cornforth White kitchen cabinets but DIY's standard light grey was a lovely colour (&,cheaper!) so we went with that. I think if we'd gone with Cornforth White the decision making on the wall colour would have been easier!!
  • Viv Bristow
    Hi ya, of course happy to share... It's still a bit unfinished! And excuse the mess in one end of the kitchen but the diy continues as we get ready to become first time parents...!
  • Viv Bristow
    Few more pics
  • Viv Bristow
    The paint colour is Farrow and Ball Strong White
  • A

    Thanks Viv....that is beautiful and congratulations ....!!! myself 2 years into the parenthood and absolutely love it....can be testing at times though.....still working on my son's room.....took me nearly a month to get this far....still need to do a bit more

    God knows how long it's going to take me to get this extension and kitchen done.....I am

  • Viv Bristow
    Glad to hear some positive feedback on parenting, the horror stories can put you off! Photos of the Disney art look great! Well done! Looks great. I hope you get your kitchen decisions made soon, it's so involved but looks like you have a fab design already and that's such a big part done! Can't wait to see the finished pics!

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