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We did this in our last place, everything was automated from the heating to lights and security. I do not think I touched a light switch in 8 months. All of the tech, except for the thermostat was hidden away too - I went with the Nest system deliberately not using a single solution in case it is compromised. I then linked the systems using a variety of solutions. There is method in the madness, it is best practice as a defence in depth approach for cyber security - I would encourage people to look at how they set up the kit and networks so as not to expose themselves and their network externally. Once an attacker gets a foot in to your network it can be easy to hop from one device to another.

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J Cassem
I am going through a complete rebuild and would like advice on where to start and what combination of products to use.
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Schneider Electric UK

Thank you to all for taking the time to post and share your experiences. Its great to see the interest and willingness to embrace new tech and the benefits, comfort and savings it can bring with it. Our Wiser solution is easy to install, but we absolutely agree - its important for homeowners to understand their wifi and network settings, to ensure they set up any new device securely. J Cassem - if you'd like to contact us direct through our profile - we're more than happy to assist!


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