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It's actually not good to sleep with electricity that close to you, especially now that the incorrectly-named smart meters turn it all into "dirty electricity." I can't remember the science but that's the case.

HOWEVER, my electric blanket is SO important to me that I make a point of turning it on 30 minutes or so before I get in bed; then I don't need to have it on at night unless it's super cold and I wake up needing yet more warmth, in which case I'm willing temporarily to subject myself the the extra EMF's.

Did anyone else notice that the price absolutely doubled a few years ago? You used to be able to get one for $25 or $30, and now the cheapest are around $60. Phooey.

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I have an intelligent electric duvet: heats only where you are cold. It's the next evolution from the electric blanket. My toes have never been so happy!
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Mom had an electric mattress pad, heated the bed up before she got in. She basically used it like a warming pan - turned it off when its job was done.


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