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Cindy Newman

do the 333 challenge!

pick out 33 pieces of clothing (excluding underwear, socks, shoes, gym clothes)and wear these for 3 months! Get creative!

nobody will even notice You have worn the same thing over and over??

at the end of this experiment, You realize just how much "stuff" You don't need?

that 10th pair of jeans You just spent $ on,could have, instead filled your car with gas, or bought You a bus ticket to go visit Your kids?

those (28th pair of )sandals You just purchased on sale, could have been Chinese Food that You picked up, to go share with Your brother?

Maybe that designer winter coat You're thinking of buying............

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Marge Thomssen

Living in an 80-year-old house has taught me to do without walk-in closets. So...we utilize hall trees to hang the oft-worn jackets and hats in the front hall. Works well in bedrooms to hang clothing to "air-out". Being visible helps me stay organized. Will I wear it again soon? Does it need to be cleaned or laundered? Is it time to hand it off to a charity? Love those hall trees. Could use one in every room. Great organizers. Oh, did I just create a demand for them?

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Patty Moncus

I don't like to put clothes in the closet that I have just worn. I want them to air out a bit before hanging them up. Many times I will wear the same outfit some other time that week. (I don't see the same people every day.) So I have antique door knobs attached to a board mounted on my closet door. I'll hang them there first. On laundry day, I go through them and wash what needs it or could possibly need washing. Also, I don't like putting my clothes in a dirty clothes bin to get smelly.


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