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Just wondering why all cupboard doors would not best be replaced by drawers? My doors no longer shut properly and have some water damage between the sheets of plywood, in an old but otherwise solid L-shaped kitchen. There is a shelf in the top third of each cupboard. I want to install a shallow and a deep drawer in each cupboard, sitting over the existing bases. I've already replaced the benchtops and splashbacks with granite. Has any one else done the drawer solution?

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I went with the lowest quote when I replaced my kitchen a few years ago. He was an independent contractor. I planned my small space myself: this was in a tight space so it was tricky job to fit in the appliances and fittings, along with the drawers and cabinets I needed, but with the contractor's help we managed it. Result was a FANTASTIC kitchen for a very modest price. I had bought all the appliances, sink, taps etc as-and-when I saw what I wanted on a reduced price, so the whole thing was a bargain. The big con though, was that the kitchen contractor was very slow and disorganised with his timing - i forget how many times I was told - "ready in 10 days". I eventually figured that the loudest voice got the quickest result so had to do some firm talking to get him moving on my cabinets. All forgiven though once it went in - Loved it then and still do!

Cant say that I would necessarily recommend diy and the cheapest option though - I just got lucky with my guy.

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