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Mounts Hill Woodcraft & Design Ltd

bagpuss2 have a look at the websites of Hafele and Herbert Direct. They do lots of kitchen extras including the type of broom cupboard racks shown above. I recently organised my broom cupboard in a similar style - it was so rewarding (is that sad???) I like opening it now!! (Yes! It is sad!!)

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Claire Green

Hi bagpuss2, I love this under sink storage too and can't find anything similar. What I've done instead is to purchase a tool caddy - just a cheap one from B&Q. I put all the cleaning products in that - then, when I need to clean the house, I just carry the whole caddy with cleaning products to the room I'm doing.
It's not as pretty as what's shown here but it's definitely effective at keeping it all together.

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Andrea Sartori Ltd

Throw out 2 plastic items and replace with one expensive one that does the same thing. Also, when one has more than two of each this is too much, unless it is a specific collection. Collections should be curated and not be obsessive as well. A shelf dedicated to it, is fine; if it takes over a room, consider what that collection is doing to pay its rent- Museum entry perhaps?

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