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Laura, very good article and thank you for looking into our projects.

I attach one more example of a great use of space - under the kitchen - plinths (kick boards). We turned plinths into draws with stainless steel fronts to maximise durability and nicely offset them from the floor area.

Very often space is wasted by wide end panels. Trying to fit a pull out unit instead of the end panel is always a good idea. In this case, we used 150mm wide, full height larder. This created additional storage for bottles, spaces and other dry food.

I hope this will help you showing more ideas and solutions. Any questions please feel free to grab a phone and call us.

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deborah eade

Have never understood a breakfast bar. Why do people want to be perched alongside each other, unless each is engrossed in their own newspaper? My kitchen is not big at all, but would not be without 5 gas burners and will be replacing sink + half sink (no use for it) with one big sink so the large oven pans can fit. And upper cupboards to ceiling this time, no cobwebs.

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Changing the colour of kitchen units and doors from pine to white

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