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I had a European sink with a hidden/slotted/linear drain installed as part of my bathroom remodel, and then a year and a half later discovered that there is no easy way to declog the gunk that accumulates. The manufacturer offered to sell me their drain cleaning tool-- for $90.

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Bonnie Sirsi

I don't like the tub and or the shower in the same space as the vanity. Something needs to seperate them so none of these are what I would choose. I would like part of the mirrow to be recessed and clear off the countertop but I do agree with above comment nothing having open shelving although I do have a wicker shelf unit on one wall...about 6' tall just opposite the vanity and not a problem keeping clean.

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What is the great attraction of a bath tub? I don't actually know anyone who uses one, They do make good horse troughs of course.

Richard Blake


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