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We chose to keep our kitchen separate- but opened up an old hatch to dining- we sit around massive island. All cooking in my 'mum' zone. Suits us!
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Absolutely agree that families come in all shapes and sizes, and everyone is unique in the way that they want to use their kitchen. LWK Kitchens is right - a good kitchen designer will know the right questions to ask so they can create a tailored design specific to that household. Design consultations are invaluable, but sometimes people are shy about talking to a designer, particularly if they feel their ideas aren't fully formed yet. We would say don't let that put you off - a good, professional kitchen designer should be able to work with your initial ideas and help form a more 'tangible' design. Here's how to prepare for a design consultation if you're unsure.

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Cheddarmum, I love your island. Can you sit 5 around it? I'd love to know the dimensions if you have a minute?


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