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Personally, I like traditional patterned flooring, such as a nice wooden herringbone or a victorian tile but I'd always make sure they're laid in an area that will be there for decades to come. I'd hate to spend a fortune on some of the new patterned floor trends, say in the bathroom, only for it to be ripped up again in a few years when the trend changes and the floor looks dated. Hardwearing, expensive and labour intensive flooring shouldn't be replaced frequently just for fashion purposes in my opinion.

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Chaitanya Venkata Sai
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es em design

Just to clarify the flooring we used is a standard product. the product was chosen because the space wasn't square and any standard (symmetrical and square) pattern would have not finished well without a border. the engineered product was also suitable for the under floor heating used across the whole apartment.

It is a beautiful floor and compliments the dramatic space beautifully.

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