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Peta Alvares

Design Matters Kitchens - I agree with your points re access (and extend this beyond wheelchair users). Having lived with a pop-up point for 5+ yrs, however, I will forever forgo any points for which a pop up is the only option (as already noted earlier, on grounds of safety and cleanliness). I am completely sold on under-bench (top) and other such vertical placements, instead of the traditional splashback location. I applaud your design efforts in seeking alternative placements because they result in aesthetically pleasing, accessible environments!

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East wood

Thank you for sharing these finer kitchen details which seem to be very useful and will definitely help to make the kitchen more efficient and easy to use. Few more kitchen design ideas that we would like to share here which we hope will help in future design are using bold colour combinations, invest in the patterns and designing of the floors, mix and match the materials, expand the visual approach with proper lights, choose portable and sleek appliances, go for hanging cupboards.

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SMALL! I'm consistently dissapointed with what is considered 'small' on this site.

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