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Builder Background Checks Australia

Consumers can't be too careful, we strongly recommend Victorian's do a thorough
background check of their prospective builders, better to be safe than
sorry!, Cheers

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Don't involve family in architectural help ..... I am sided by TWO neighbours who used family members who are architects to their great regret$$$$$$$. One side the huge new garage, they failed to build a retaining wall but instead used my single leaf garage wall as the retaining wall for a 2 foot / 60 cm raise in soil height. The officials will be involved. The other side wanted a small granny flat for his mother, his brother, a commercial architect, drew up a plan that cost nothing but then blew out to $300,000 in building materials and took 5 years to complete. Family does not always know best, clearly seen in both cases.

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R11 thal

1918 redwood and douglas fir bungalow in california on a fault line in a fire zone. We are working toward an aging-in-place, earthquake and fire safe home for at least a 30 year future. We are 2nd generation in the house and it may pass to a 3rd generation. I told the GC "take every opportunity to beef-it-up." "The materials added to the house are my earthquake insurance." I repeated myself and added if I'm spending 80k on this I don't mind spending an extra $5,000 for my future safety as I age-in-place. I said "add shearwall" GC said "not necessary." I said use mold and mildew resistant gyp board he said "not necessary." etc.... . I stopped the work mid project and brought in a structural engineer - that confirmed everything I had asked for,. but did add a few extras. Although we weren't taking out "structural" walls, we did modify the integrity of the building.

what I learned

- adding shearwall, blocking, beefing up gyp board from 1/2" to 5/8" won't hurt anything, but will add ridigity and every little bit helps.

- I didn't know what specifically to ask for, but the GC didn't offer choices or options

- Make sure you are working with a builder that understands if you want to spend more money on high qulity safety materials, it's ok.

- most builders are used home owners that want to cut down on materials.

- In my case more is better

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