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I purchased a furniture quality wood file cabinet that had 1 small drawer on top with one large file drawer on the bottom. I had glass cut to fit the top and tah-dah! An end table with storage!

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My husband travels often and always brings my daughters small dolls from the different countries he visits. After several years and many dolls, the collection outgrew the space it occupied. I took a large baseboard and attached it to the length of wall of their bedroom about 16 inches lower than the ceiling. It became the display shelf for the doll collection. This is a great way to keep things from cluttering up space a well as neat way to display a collection.

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Sheree Lally

The pictures shown here of so-called "de-cluttered" spaces would make me crazy if I had to live with all that open shelving showing every item I possessed. Open shelving is o.k. to show some non-essential decorative pieces but for all the items used everyday, why in the world would anyone want all that showing? If the idea is to de-clutter, the look should be clean and peaceful with no view of all the rest of the stuff left behind.


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