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Renaissance Interiors
We recently helped a client with a 9.5m pole and wave curtains for their bifold doors.
They give them privacy at night as that’s a lot of glass, but also it diffuses the clatter of open plan living.
We have increasingly found that clients are finding it hard to live within these large spaces with clean lines, hard floors and minimalist window treatments because the reverberation is unbearable.
By adding some soft window treatment you are not only adding a beautiful feature which frames your view you are also curing a problem.
Curtains don’t need to be fussy. These wave heading stack neatly in between and either side of the windows against the walls and don’t encroach on to the window, retaining all the natural light.
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On south-facing patio doors you might need to keep the sun out to prevent overheating of the room and damage to furnishings. If the doors are open on hot days then blinds (especially Venetian blinds) will clatter in the wind or blow about.

Only shutters will not cause a problem with the doors open.

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Wave curtains compliment patio doors and bifolds beautifully. Courtesy of Bennett and Bowman Interiors.


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