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Truly Homeopathy

Christine Wilkie Garden Design, I'd be grateful if you could advise on where the beautiful bench came from in your second photo, please?

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When we bought our house we had to start from scratch to create a garden. The plot was long and sloped down from the house. What we thought would be a challenge turned out to be a benefit. We created curved paths down and enabled us to build a pond with a cascade down from a shallow pool. The birds love it and frogs took ownership almost immediately.

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Picking up on some of the themes (and questions), your first questions should always be: i) What is the garden mainly for? ii) How much maintenance do I want?

If you want to disguise sheds and storage - low trees and shrubs are good (however - sheds (like houses) are more susceptible to being broken into if they are well screened. Sometimes a highly visible (attractive) shed is better - especially if it houses several thousand pounds of designer bikes and expensive equipment. Secondly - changing levels can add interest. Someone asked about raised beds. Raised beds create some excitement if placed and constructed correctly. In small spaces - combining all year around neat foliage (like euonymous ) and placing in either seasonal planting or herbs/vegetables/dwarf fruit trees makes for a nice combination. Raised beds are also easier on the back if you are getting older! Euonymous is also a great pollution eating plant if you live near a busy main road. Also - don't just think the world ends with lawn circles. Break up the design with limestone paving, or gravel (it's also less work mowing and maintaining), or 'soften' edges with wildflower edges against the formal lawn. Wildflower once established takes a yearly cut (and great for bees and pollinators too). Lastly - paint structures in the garden black. In summer - they 'disappear' against the contrasting green

and make your space look much bigger...

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