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It’s better to have plants in pots “containerised” than to have nothing. Right now I have a paved deck and it’s completely depressing. I can have nothing or I can learn a lot from these very beautiful garden ideas. Suddenly I can have a green space with anything I want!
Very inspiring ideas here.
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GreenlinesDesign Ltd

We often use contained planting in combination with raised beds, especially in small London gardens. The planters creates a third level in these two gardens and gives a sculptural effect which is highlighted with spot lighs. Both gardens are in London and designed and built by us ( and the planters are by Urbis Design, we always install irrigation system for this kind of design as our clients tend to be busy people.

Contemporary London Court Yard · More Info

Chiswick Family Garden · More Info

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I have deliberately chosen houses with small , current one tiny, gardens in my last two moves. Life is too short to spend time with things that don't have faces. And whilst I do have some small areas of beds around the boundaries of what is really a terrace, the real drama comes from the container plants. I move them into different configurations dependant on the time of year. I can also move them in and out of feature spots when they are at their most beautiful. I am talking container with Bamboo, bay, fig, grape vine, hydrangeas, acer's and olive trees. Lighting in the garden is designed to enable me to add a bit of drama to the groupings particular in winter, when the view from the windows that overlook the garden are most appreciated Poor photo but all I have on this device. And yes it still takes a full day eight or nine times a year to do maintenance and gardening functions but honestly I wouldn't go back to having a proper grown ups garden even if someone else was looking after it.


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