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The 4 most important things I have found in years of staying in guest rooms are

  1. a lock on the door! especially if there are kids in the house who may burst in without knocking- I end up getting changed in the bathroom all the time as at least it's private
  2. a bin
  3. a mirror that is practical for use not just looks pretty! I.e not too big, too small, too high...(one friends mirror was set so high I could only see my head in by standing the other side of the room!)
  4. a small heater/fan - so cheap to buy but can make all the difference to a room, especially if you can't open the windows in summer due to road noise or privacy
    Not hard or expensive demands but it's amazing how few people think of them!
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Jill M

Another plus for me is a plug near a mirror that I can blow dry my hair. So many times I stay with friends or in hotel rooms and the plug is a long way from a good mirror. Essential for me. And agree with RN, a bin also. Doesn't have to be big, but just there.

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Lizzie Dripping

Having been knocked back a few times by the planning department when we extended our house, the master bedroom had to become a guest bedroom but now I am pleased it happened that way as we regularly have people to stay. We managed to squeeze in a en-suite shower room and I have sparsely but tastefully, furnished the room with a few pieces of delightful bits and bobs, a basket of toiletries and lovely white towels. Because it is not in use all the time, I sometimes just love to go into there and just enjoy looking at it because it is so clean and tidy and on occasions I sleep in there, it feels like I’m on holiday.


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