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Denise Thorne

Thank you janedale for your kind comments, I am sorry to learn that the free speech bandits have kidnapped your comments. It is important for Houzz to listen to its readership/members, so if they were removed, it must have been annoying for you. Plastics & their recyclability is a very contentious subject right now. But it’s likely Houzz don’t wish to offend those participants who allow their beautiful homes to be photographed & displayed in their editorial pieces.

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The single use plastic/recyclability issue is not merely "contentious"'s FACT. Much of the 'recyclable' plastic in use in fact never does bio-degrade, much of it being transported 'overseas' to be burned rather than being recycled......Fact........thus causing more pollution. With respect for the kind and generous folk who do offer up their properties to be shown on protect and not to "offend" the feelings of those same folk is startlingly beside the point in the immediate face of very real planet protection issues.....IMHO.

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I actually remember seeing your comment, Jane, 'cos that pantry with the line up of water bottles has caused concern to Houzzers on other occasions...


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