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I loved my brick was from house to love loved the character of it!!!

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I LOVE exposed bricks! We are in the process of exposing a brick wall in our place. We are connecting two flats into one. The
idea is to uncover an exposed brick wall on the stairs leading to the upper
floor and in the kitchen area (open plan kitchen on the upper floor). But the upper floor was
built later on and the brick colour is different, more yellow. Downstairs is
the typical reddish brick wall. What options do we have?

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Viv Bristow
I love the idea of bare bricks on a feature wall in my kitchen, see photo attached. However, the bricks already there are not good enough to expose and I think brick slips would be my next best thing. I'd like them to match the outside of the house, which would be a London yellow brick kind of colour. However, I've trailed the Internet and have had numerous samples sent, none of which are right. If anyone knows of a decent yellow brick slip, close to the colour in the pic attached, I'd be very interested to hear from you!

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