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Erin Ogilvie
back door styles and advice
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Jamie Jones

I opened up my patio around 2 years ago and i'm now looking for options on how I can extend outwards. Has anyone heard of the louvred roof system? I am torn between that and a glass room / glass verandas.

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No matter how good the glass is on a roof, even solar controlled, you will still get a room that is probably too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. If you are looking for an 'all year round' room, then go with a solid roof of some description. There are hybrid roofs, tiled roofs and all sorts. These are intended not only to refurbish old conservatories but also for new constructions.

I have heard of the louvred roof system and it's worth checking out guarantees, weather resistance, snow loadings, wind resistance and so on. From what I know the louvred roof systems are not for all year round rooms, so that may be a consideration.

One cheap and very effective way of putting a solid roof in is with aluminium panels. They are also widely used for old conservatories replacing glass and polycarbonate. The results are very good indeed by all accounts. is one example.

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