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Re the use of LVT, saying that they are not advised because the floor is not level. Surely you would always use self levelling floor screed on solid floors to correct the problem and leaves a perfect surface for them...we had Amtico tiles laid professionally and it was perfect. On boarded floors then a ply or even hardboard cover over them would be needed every time. Ask a professional LVT installer rather than a builder if you want the job done properly.

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Emma Lamb
It is recommended to get a floor fitter to fit your LVT. If you buy quickstep, amtico and karndean they will have been trained by them to be able to install correctly. When laid properly on the correct underlay and as someone else pointed out ply and screed you will get a lifetime guarantee on your product. Builders and joiners are great for building and joinery but let a floor fitter fit your floor. Glad to see the love has work here is done...;-)
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Denisa Cardoso
Our guys did use the ply on the floor even with tiles. Filled in the gaps in original wooden flooring just today. Underfloor heating in tomorrow with latex I believe and the lovely grey oak tiles on top.
Our builders gave us masses of invaluable advice and great ideas on the rest of the house and everything worked out. I have no reason to question their advice and experience.

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