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As a woman of a certain age sometimes I need a fan but use a small powerful carpenter's fan on the floor. it is not elegant but moves a lot of air while having a baffle that doesn't blow things around. So it is the only unpretty thing but helps me sleep. I have feather pillows and cotton sheets and white voile curtains over white shades. It keeps the room dark at night but also lets the daylight in when it is morning. I do have nightstands with the usual-clock, lamps, tissues, water glass, a candle when I want one. But nothing else. I have a pretty white armchair with a white embroidered cushion for sitting and putting on shoes. One low table. The walls are ivory and the woodwork is white. The art is soothing and there is quite a bit of it . Both paintings and small ceramics (the ceramics are on top of an armoire and a couple are on the walls ) and there are textiles. 3 lamps. No electronics. Rugs are on both the sides of and under the bed- all in shades of blue. The large dog has a comfy champagne colored cushion. This makes it sound like there is a lot going on decoratively but not so. I think that the important thing is to let no clothes pile up, no shoes scatter about and no books pile up. Put all the clothes, shoes away before sleeping-even if you are a flinger. It's better to fling them in the closet than to fling them on the floor. You can straighten it all up Saturday morning. Meanwhile you are sleeping and waking in a pretty, peaceful space.

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Right on we are working on decluttering our bedroom! And we are making awesome strides! It looks great! These bedrooms are to clean but lovely!

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A lot of good suggestions here but what you do before bed also contributes to a good night sleep. About 90 minutes before you go to bed, wherever possible turn off ceiling lighting and switch to mood lighting. When you do your nightly grooming routine put your bathroom light lower if you have a dimmer switch. This helps to boost the sleep hormone melatonin. Shut off electronics in your bedroom, If you do need a tv to put you to sleep, use the timer on it to shut the tv off after a certain time. Shut out exterior lighting with room darkening shades so the room is totally dark. If you need to make bathroom runs keep a small flashlight by your bed so you don't disturb your partner. The advantage of a tidy room is that if you do decide to walk in the dark, there's nothing to trip over. Avoid alcohol just before bed. Might make you sleepy but the effects are temporary. Once in bed take about 20 minutes to pray, meditate or talk yourself to sleep to quiet your mind. Also, don't have anything on your bed but the bedding. no piles of clothes, books whatever. Add two cats and you're all set. Bon nuit.


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