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Sheree Lally

The pictures shown here of so-called "de-cluttered" spaces would make me crazy if I had to live with all that open shelving showing every item I possessed. Open shelving is o.k. to show some non-essential decorative pieces but for all the items used everyday, why in the world would anyone want all that showing? If the idea is to de-clutter, the look should be clean and peaceful with no view of all the rest of the stuff left behind.

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I cannot imagine wanting my shoes to be visible in a glass fronted cabinet. That looks awful. I have a Victorian armoire with pretty carved roses and everything is behind closed doors. This includes a 6 shelf shoe rack. I live in a very cluttered house. I have no claim to virtue where this issue is concerned. But all of these spaces look like what I am trying to reform in my life.

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Honeycomb blinds are a formation of two or three-layered cells which forms as an air pocket to sustain the temperature inside the room and what is opposite of outside climate. Mostly suited for the house and apartments.


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