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Warm whites
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So I’ve been hearing, grays are passé, and like any overdone trend I’ll be happy when something else dominates the market.

Beiges are beautiful in their own right. Well, maybe except for pink beige. I’m craving a more fresh and clean paint palette in 2019.

I just painted my north facing bathroom no less than three times. I should have gone with my gut and used BM Inner Balance but I avoided it due to the beige-is-boring stigma. Regrets.

We have (Menards) Colorado Canyon stacked stone accent walls in the bathroom, and dark gray and cream/beige colors in the stone - very pretty. I tried BM Alaskan Husky - too light, went a little purple in the north light. Then I tried the next color on the strip, nope that one went little boy blue, so then I just tried BM Winter Solstice and well it’s a little purple too and just too dark for this north room. Disappointed. My adjoining master is a beautiful ethereal blue, BM Lookout Point, nice light fresh and airy, and I think inner balance would have coordinated well, like a sand and beach feel to it. I shouldn’t have let some stigma overpower my original instinct.

Happy Painting and Happy new year

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I know this is an older story but I just read it. Talk about being pegged - I love beige AND I am a retired City Clerk.

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