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If you don’t want to take the time to squeegy every time you shower take a Magic Eraser in with you when you do have time and wipe down the walls and doors with it. I also run it around the floor with my foot. I have wavy textured wall tile so it works better than a squeegy.

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S Strong

MORE ARTICLES like this one please, Houzz.

The build-it-easy-to-clean factor is always a missing link in design stories - even articles that showcase hard-working baths, kitchens, + entries. Those rooms deserve to be gorgeous, too.

We want more 'clean' coverage! (At least, some of us do.)

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Douglas Johnson

These are great tips. I also have a problem with humidity on the floor. I was advised to use a robotic mop for timely floor cleaning and I think this is a good way. I have tiles on the floor and I would not want mold to appear here due to high humidity. I also thought about the additional ventilation of the bathroom but I can’t choose a project without making major changes to the repair.


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