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We just re-zoned our main living space to create an office area behind the bookshelves. Seems to be working well and means the kids now have a room away from us (the old office!) Loving the seating area near the kitchen rather than the dining table and if we have a party we can swap them back quickly enough.

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Pulchérie Solenne
Désolée! open plan kitchen reception does not work for us. Food smells will impregnate every nook and cranny in your living room in the long run. Most extractor fans in flats are useless as they do not have a vent to take the smell outside, they just recirculate the smell in the same (small) space. Yes, you can light up candles and open windows but in the long term, unless you eat out most of the time or have a massive loft, definitely not. We have lived with an open plan reception kitchen for over 3 years now and since we cook most days, it really is no good and we do not prepare smelly food. Get a separate kitchen with a door that you can close, keep away smells, fry as many fish as you’d like and keep your living room out of it. The pictures look ideal, the reality is quite different. I appreciate flats are smaller nowadays but architects and property developers should design flats with extractor fans with vents taking smells outside. Since they are not going to live in these small spaces and costs have to be cut to make the most doing the bare minimum, it does not matter to them.
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Laura Audisio

Very good points!!. Extractor fans and Air vents are important. I agree with the small open spaces the food smells and lingers for some time in the air. Points taken and will make sure that I put room dividers and doors in a project like this. Crittall -Metal doors and frames are fantastic to keep both, light and open space frame, without risking the air ventilation in separate contained rooms or units of living space.


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