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I didn't see this in 2017 but my minimum cost solution to the draughty sash windows in a beautiful rented house was the white version of Blutack. Rolled into long worm shapes and pressed into the gaps. Worked brilliantly, didn't show against white paint and no damage. As temperatures have plunged for the first time in the UK this is timely.
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We had the chimney swept a few weeks back and the sweep recommended a product called 'chimney sheep' to us. It's a pad of sheep's wool (treated to stop moths moving in and setting up home) and you just shove it up the chimney to stop draughts, then pull it out using the little handle if you do want to use the fireplace. Our lounge is loads warmer since we got one - a good buy for us!

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Karen Household

Article mentions PIV (positive input ventilation) does anyone have any experience of this. Our 17th century cottage has mould problems. We have tried dehumidifiers with no change. Could PIV be the answer?


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