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Rod Gardiner

I have done draft proofing and secondary glazing which have made my 100 year old home much more energy efficient, but Australian readers should be aware that the cost of secondary glazing in this country is much higher than Kevin quoted

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Peter Cass

We are installing a pool and to offset the potential increase in energy we have put in a evacuated tube heating system which is not only connected to the pool but also heats the hot water, house hydronic heating and spa. So far our gas use has dropped by about 40% and all is working beautifully.

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There's a lot made of environmentally friendly products and construction methodologies; a lot spoken about it and a lot published in various publications, but little mandatory regualtion imposed by planning and building authorities.

No doubt some of this stuff will become the 'new norm', in the meantime, the costs, when applied to renovating old into new and more liveable dwellings, are often prohitbitive. My local authority wanted me to dismantle old stable timber-framed and timber-lined walls to insatll new insulation. My argument was to demomstrate that there was no detriment to leaving matters untouched; and so I've left them. A near neighbour, on the other hand, obliged council by installing very expensive double glazing in a new extention; in a 100 year old home in very temporate, sub-tropical climate. One room only in this house has double glazing, the rest remain as built; circa 1920. Nonsensical one size fits all application of regulations, to renos' and new builds alike, by local authorities is not good enough.


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