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The Natural Wood Floor Company Limited

The good news is that you can. We manufacture it. We make an unsealed engineered oak version in a natural or premier grade and an aged parquet (again in engineered oak), which has tumbled soft edges, so it looks like a reclaimed floor. I've attached a couple of pictures and you'll find the link to the parquet section on our website below. Hope this helps.

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John Brown

Me and my mom, we are renovating our home. We have decided to replace the carpet flooring throughout our home with hardwood flooring. But we have confusion about the kitchen and bathroom flooring. As the wood floor gives natural look, we love to have wood like look. So I think engineered wood will be better for kitchen. You have also shared pros and cons of engineered wood. I liked the pros more.

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We need to replace the flooring in our kitchen. Neighbours run undetneath, so anything that using adhesive discolours. Mr husband has mobility issues, so it would have to be non-stop too. Can you help! We're not milluonaires, but we need a good, long lasting job.


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