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Kate Burt
That's interesting Lucille. Did you have to have a whole new heating system put in? Could I get one to work with my 30-odd year old radiators with broken valves do you reckon? I'm inspired!

And maybe we'll look at smart bathrooms as a stand-alone topic if other people would be interested in knowing more too?
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Lucy H
Hi Kate, yes we had a brand new heating and hot water system put in at the same time as the nest. The boiler broke when we moved into our house so it was a good opportunity (putting a positive spin on it!) to change the heating system and move the boiler up to the loft to free up some cupboard space. Our boiler was ancient and hadn't been serviced, ever! So it would depend what system you have.

Our rads were quite old, maybe not 30 years but definitely in need of a refresh! I would check with your plumber before you go ahead. Our plumber said that ours should be fine temporarily but we’d have to update them at some point.

When the nest was installed we replaced the rads in the kitchen, hallway and downstairs WC as we were renovating those rooms at the same time. We still have the older ones in the living room and bedrooms and will replace them this year. Just saving up a bit more before we continue working!

Hopefully we’ll do our bathroom too this year, that’s why I was wondering about smart bathrooms –I love gadgets and anything that will make my life easier!
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Inspired Dwellings
Great article guys, thanks for including our image.

Sorry to hear about your Control4 issues Jasmall! We're a platinum dealer here in the UK, and we find that as long as;

a) architects, interior designers, home owners and home technology gurus are on the same page in terms of aesthetics, and
b) all cabling is designed and integrated correctly,

our systems hold up under the pressure of everyday life. A smart home can indeed “be everything you want it to be, all at once”! Hope your AV specialists manage to fix the issue and save you any more headaches.

Look forward to reading more on home technology
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