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I, too, squeegee my glass doors and glass wall on our shower. We have soft water, but I still have build-up if I don't. Saves me all kinds of scrubbing and takes literally seconds. My husband hates doing it, so he mostly takes baths. The squeegee hangs on the glass wall for easy access.

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My shower glass is "rain" textured, lets light in but obscures the person inside, and does not need to be squeegeed! Am I brilliant or what? We love it.

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Charles In Phoenix

How to prevent spots?

I have an 82" x 65" sheet of glass in my walk in shower, I use Rain-X every year and we have an 18" squeegee we use after every shower.

It takes less than 30 seconds and your done.

After a year and a half we have ZERO water spots.


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