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I got them from Amazon, they're being posted from somewhere in the UK so I'm guessing that's probably ok given they have to come from somewhere and I'd rather it be national rather than international. They were £10 for 12 (which is cheaper than a lot of toothbrushes in the shops). Cx

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Victoria Harrison

lolalovelybones Weasy Yes, you are both absolutely right. Using up old products is always preferable to throwing them away! I'll update that sentence to make that clear. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and I'm glad you enjoyed the article :)

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Thank you Houzz! Please keep up this sort of article. And I love the gentle, non alarmist and non preachy approach. I have been banging on about plastic to friends and family since the 1980s! Irritated them, I am sure!

I recently bought bamboo dental floss in compostable packaging. Also don’t buy plastic based cotton buds. And just use a bit less of everything. Think about what you wash down the plug hole, and flush do wn the loo ...

Happy New Year!


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