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Erin Downey

Suzanne Melton - We purchased a model home that had wallpaper throughout, we loved it for several years but then we decided to do some remodeling. The problem we ran into was that the builder put the wallpaper directly onto the sheet rock and did not prime the walls. We tried removing the wallpaper with several different methods but it was impossible without damaging the sheet rock. So we had to have a painting company come in and completely seal over the wall paper, and then paint and texture the walls (again, over the existing wallpaper). It really was not an ideal situation. I don't know if this pertains to you just passing on our experience.

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Suzanne Melton

Erin! What a mess!

Before ordering five rolls of wallpaper from Spoonflower, we ordered samples of the Peel & Stick and of the Smooth (water & paste).

Each sample was 1' x 2'. We cut each sample in half vertically, hung the right side, and then hung the left side to the right of the first piece. Sounds silly but Spoonflower wallpaper has a 3/4 inch overlay and we wanted to see how it looked.

We've hung both types on the skim-coated wall (not primed) and decided on the Peel & Stick for a couple reasons.

We probably won't be able to hang the wallpaper until summer. In the meantime, we've left all samples on the wall. Before we decide whether to prime, we'll remove all samples to see what happened to the wall.

If I remember this ideabook, I'll report back.

Thanks for sharing your experience!

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EDGE Collections

Loved this article and found it extremely helpful to share with clients. We share with you the passion for design and wallcoverings. Let us know if you are interested in discovering our work.


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