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i'm sure you are telling as-is but this architect will give you suggestions as to how or where an extension could work without a contract being signed - I just need an initial payment to cover costs, rather than protecting intellectual property. There really is so much info in Houzz that claiming this is a bit limp I think.

Having been through the process with one architect and finding the reduced size he suggested would not support your family/entertaining requirements why don't you just ask them to try again?

This time you can both learn lessons and take on board your vision.


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It is a chicken and egg situation with builders too.

I want to know why they are so keen to provide all materials, part of building your own home is choosing and sourcing your own flooring, etc and how to get a good price. Why does this upset builders so much?

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Similar to Snowife, we thought we would commission an architect and went for one of the most expensive, thinking we were buying creativity and 'wow' factor design.

We've ended up getting to planning with a very 'dummed' down basic design. The architect didn't think of options such as moving the kitchen to the other side of the building which meant he was suggesting lifting ceilings, floors and windows of the upper floors above to accommodate his design.

We stumbled across a similar building design in an architect's shop window that solved all our problems. He's now agreed it's a much better solution but what's a further £12,500.00 to finish the design and go into detail. On top of this he's only just explained we'll need another £6,000 for structural drawings etc etc. The professionals costs go on and on.

In total, he has suggested that we'll be spending over £30,000.00 in fees before laying a brick on a 4m rear extension, loft conversion and garage refurb.

We are left with some half complete drawings, not knowing where to turn next as we wanted the security and support of someone when dealing with our builder and the process.

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