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Graham Johnson

If you have issues with silicon discolouring, The alternative is to use a urethane or acrylic based sealant, Silicon is used generally because its QUICK. These other sealants require a bit more preparation and are harder to apply but are very much better at suppressing mould.

Fuller make a a good acrylic

Personally, I like DAVCO brand urethane caulk. Its very very good and much more durable than silicon. But for most customer jobs I use silicon like everyone else. For my personal jobs, i use Davco colourcaulk urethane. 

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Might seem like a chore but drying my shower tiles after every use has meant no black spots, in fact no marks at all and after 2 years still looks like new. Takes a few minutes but well worth it.

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Grem U

Agree with Blair1308. We had a new bathroom suite fitted last August (nice landlord) and there are still no marks on the tiles. The shower is over the bath and I just squeegee down and dry the bath and tiles every morning. Approx once a month I leave a vinegar soaked towel in the bath, resting it on the sloping end where the shower runs, for a few hours then give it a brisk rub to remove the mild build up of limescale. No cleaners used in a year.


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