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BH we got it at Wayfair

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I have two rugs made from recycled t-shirts, dyed dark grey, in a black and white kitchen. One at the washing zone and one at the working zone. The floors are cleaner, they make the room warmer in winter and my feet love them. Toss them in the washing machine once a week and they are fine. Also not expensive so can be replaced every couple of years.

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When we moved, we got the keys at the end of May. I am a barefoot gal
in my home but the existing kitchen had a laminate floor and it was so
cold we had to wear slippers, even in June and July. It was also very
resonant, so the kitchen/dining room was very noisy.

We looked at cork flooring but decided it wouldn't help as much as we
hoped. We decided to investigate Flotex, and went to a local carpet
dealer. "This is what you want" he said, presenting us with a sample
book of what looked just like living room twist. To my look of
incredulity he told us, "We installed it in a local Indian restaurant 18
months ago. They love it. Comes up like new." He gave us the sample
book with instructions to test it to destruction.

We reasoned that anything that could cope with ghee, turmeric and tomato
was worth a try. Result: Warm, toasty, sound-insulating fitted carpet in
my kitchen. I have some co-ordination problems, so I drop things and
spill a lot. Spills blot straight off, crumbs vac up easily. I use the
carpet washer a couple of times a year and it comes up like new. Dropped
crockery is unharmed. No tripping hazards either. Having christened the
new wool carpet in the sitting room with a full glass of red wine just
after we moved in, I'm wishing we'd put the same stuff in there. (That
stain is now covered by a rug!)

Apparently the secret is in how the fibres have been engineered. They
don't absorb liquid, so it just wipes off. Unfortunately, I can't
remember the brand and name, other that that there was Arlington
involved. However, a carpet specialist should know, if anyone is


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