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We started Bathroom Supastore many moons ago. With our business steadily evolving over this time, we are proud to promote our bathroom products and business to the general public. With family value and traditions at heart-we are a customer focused company and place this value in all of our products to ensure maximum quality and genuine affordability. Our flagship bathroom ranges enhance our online presence with some fabulous product lines, designer fashion and ultimate charm- whilst maintaining unrivalled competitive prices. But we don't just sell bathrooms- we also sell fixtures, fittings, wall coverings, cloakroom taps and even bathroom taps.
With a dedicated support team, generous opening hours, and prompt delivery service- we genuinely believe we put the soul back into a company, our company. Bathroom Supastore is run by passion, determination and commitment from all of the staff, and for all of customers past and present.

Services Provided
Bathroom Renovation
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Location: Swansea, Vale Of Glamorgan SA1 4BB
United Kingdom
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Commented: Shower room with no toilet A second toilet will always add value to a property. Is there somewhere else you could position a toilet? Maybe under the stairs? We have tons of smaller options available at Bathroom Supastore.
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