I am an associate lecturer at Cambridge School of Art where my specialism is colour theory. I have an extensive background in both design and art and have recently opened a studio from which I am running colour workshops and providing bespoke tuition.

Services Provided
Colour workshops, Colour tuition, Colour theory classes

Areas Served
Contact: Juliet Docherty
Location: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire CB23 8BW
United Kingdom
Commented: What do you use to clean your windows? I use a damp cloth with a bit of barkeepers friend then wipe over with a wet cloth. Then use the Karcher but wipe the blade after each drag, it's the bits of stuff from the windows that cause the line...
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Commented: A colour contrast for my bathroom What colour is the door and frame? It looks quite yellowy, I would avoid that if possible. Test some white tie on the wall to see how it looks with the grey tiles, it may be too warm?
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Commented: paint colour recommendations Slate 2 or 3 by Paint and Paper library may be worth trying. It's a grey with a tinge of warmth. The quality knocks socks off F&B. Slaked Lime by Little Greene also worth looking at.
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Commented: Not so kitsch kitchen It depends what your plans are for it long term. I would not replace the flooring as it looks good and would cost a fortune. I would be looking to put up some led lights, Philips do some that give a l...
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Commented: What colour living room? I wouldn't go for a pale grey sofa because in my opinion it restricts the paint options in the living room. If it's a gloomy room then some greys could make it gloomier. If therefore you wanted to cho...
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Commented: What would you do to this family room? I would lose the rug and paint the two walls that the sofa is against a dark chocolatey colour to help the sofa disappear a bit. this will also help it look warmer.
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